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Available now: Profoto A10 including Bluetooth

23 September 2020

Bluetooth and Profoto AirX support offers new opportunities to get creative with phone photography.

Profoto, FujiFilm

Available now: Profoto A1X for Fujifilm

06 December 2019

The A1X on & off camera light from Profoto is a firm favourite with our customers, and now its available in a Fujifilm mount.

Profoto, phone photography

The new Profoto C1 Plus & C1 are LED flash & remote triggers for your iPhone photography

18 September 2019

These cool little lights can seriously up your phone photography game.


Head-to-head: should you choose the new Profoto B10 Plus 500 or the B1X 500?

06 June 2019

Now that the Profoto B10 Plus 500 has been released, this begs the question: why would you buy a Profoto B1X?


The new Profoto A1X offers longer shooting, and is now an option for Sony photographers

15 May 2019

With this update to the Profoto A1 the new A1X gets a user interface overhaul, a new kit with a Profoto Connect, and is now available in a Sony mount.


Profoto Connect - a simple easy to use remote

27 March 2019

For photographers looking to jump into lighting without complexity, the Profoto Connect is a simple, compact flash trigger with a lot of hidden power.


The new Profoto B10 - when size matters

12 September 2018

A new member of the Profoto light family, the Profoto B10 is as small as a camera lens, has the flash output of 5 speedlights, and includes an integrated continuous light for video!


Introducing the Profoto A1

17 September 2017

What Profoto are calling "the worlds smallest studio light", this is going to be very interesting to a lot of photographers.

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