Introducing the Profoto A1

Posted on September 17, 2017

The new Profoto Light that is also an Air Remote.

We just returned from a few days in Stockholm with the team at Profoto to learn about this new addition to the Profoto lighting family. You can mix it in with your existing system, or use it on its own for substantially better looking on-camera lighting. 

We have the Profoto A1 in the showroom - come in and check it out. Shipping for the A1 will begin in October, we are accepting orders now.

At a glance: 

  • Circular zoom-able head creates a beautiful natural looking light
  • Built in Air Remote to integrate with other Profoto Air flash units
  • The same AirTTL and HSS as the rest of the Profoto range
  • Smart magnetic clip-on light shapers including gels
  • Rechargeable and swappable battery; 350 full power flashes per charge

Profoto are releasing versions for Canon and Nikon in October, with a Sony model to follow in the new year.

Visit us in the showroom to test it out now, or call on 03 9091 2111 to pre-order yours.

For us, the thing that really stands out about the A1 is how easy it is to use, and how smooth and beautiful the light fall-off is compared to a traditional on-camera light.

Not just an on-camera flash

The whole point of the A1 is to be incredibly versatile; just as is easy to use off-camera as well.

Because of the built-in Air Remote, photographers already using Profoto lights can slip one into their kit and add a pop of light into a scene without jury-rigging a mess of remotes, speedlights, and sync cables in front of their client. 

They use the same battery technology as the Profoto B1X and B2, which means you won't be waiting for annoyingly slow recycle times as the batteries drain.

Photographers who have no experience working with flash should also seriously consider the A1. Dialling the brightness up or down is easy, and you can preview the effect you will get using the in-built modelling light.

The Profoto A1 comes with a bunch of snap-on magnetic modifiers (Wide Diffuser, Dome Diffuser, and Bounce Card) that make for a really great out-of-the-box kit that anyone can pick up and use. You can easily be creative and change the spread of light with a twist of the zoom ring on the front of the head.

A pair of A1 flash heads communicating using the built-in Air Remote can become a very flexible and easy to use portable kit. 

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