Available now: Profoto A10 including Bluetooth

Posted on September 23, 2020

This refresh of the hugely popular Profoto "A" series light brings portable and powerful flash photography to your phone.

Profoto A10 1 Bts
Profoto A10 highlights

The A10 rocks the same great features that we love in the A1X:

  • Round head with soft smooth light fall-off for a natural look
  • Small, ultra-portable, and versatile
  • Long lasting battery (450 full power flashes)
  • Fast recycling of 0.05 sec to 1.0 second
  • Air Remote built-in so you can run other lights or use it off-camera
  • Large Hi-Res intuitive display
  • A range of snap-on magnetic light-shapers

But the A10 also gets Bluetooth connectivity which enables:

  • Using the flash with your phone photography using the Profoto app*
  • Over-the-air firmware updates via the Profoto app
  • Control of the A10 from the Profoto app

* Note the camera feature is currently supported on iPhone 7 or newer. A camera app for Android devices is under development.

Iphonescreen Usp Capture
Using the Profoto A10 in your phone photography

The headline feature is the "AirX" Bluetooth powered remote system. This gives you use of the full power of the A10 flash bulb when taking pictures on your phone using the Profoto camera app.

As soon as you open the Profoto app and your A10 is turned on they will connect.

You then have control of the light output, as well as manual control of your phone camera's exposure. You can even choose to shoot in RAW for more advanced processing later.

While the sensor on your camera is miniature compared to a sensor on a proper camera, it wasn't long ago that 12 megapixel images were considered large enough for top notch commercial photography! With access to the high quality flash lighting capability of the A10 this certainly expands how we think about phone photography.

At the time of launch the flash control is manual only, but automatic flash output with TTL appears to be in the works.

The Profoto app is available in both Apple and Google app stores, but the Camera feature is only available on the iPhone 7 and newer. The Android version with a camera feature is in development.

Profoto A10 2 Bts
Also available in a kit with the Profoto Connect

It is really easy to set up an A10 on a light-weight stand and stand-mount, and it works great with a small umbrella.

With the Profoto Connect (or an Air Remote if you already have one) you can be set-up and shooting beautiful portraits or still-life photographs in a matter of minutes.

Pricing & availability

At launch the Australian price of the A10 is $1,650, and in the kit with the Profoto Connect is $1,760 which is a great saving compared to buying them separately.

All the kits are ready to ship now! Check out the options in our store.

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