Cambo Wide RS System

Smart design with features to support fast operation in the field for professionals who demand the best.

Cambo's Wide RS Series is the ideal photographic tool for the landscape, interior and architectural photographers who require a compact technical camera system.

Cambo rear standard (RS) cameras are small and light, offering combined vertical and horizontal shift of the attached back. Geared movements allow for perspective control as well as stitching for wider views or even greater file dimensions.

Cambo Wide RS Camera Features

Camera movements

Both directions use an accelerated gear mechanism with a highly tactile feel for fast yet precise movements.

Both movements shift the image plane on the rear-standard, leaving the lens position untouched.

Designed for digital

The RS series has been designed for digital photography with high-end digital backs and works especially well with Phase One IQ series backs.

Rear plates are available for Phase One / Mamiya mount, V-mount, H-mount, Contax-mount or Leaf AFi / Sinar HY6 mount digital backs.

Lens options

The best of Rodenstock's HR Digaron-S and Digaron-W series can be ordered ready to mount on the RS cameras, as well as some Schneider digital lenses.

Specular are the Australian distributor for Cambo, and are experts in technical camera systems to suit digital photography. To discuss the appropriate Cambo Wide system for your needs contact Specular.

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