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Trusted by institutions around the world, Phase One deliver the most advanced high resolution camera and optic systems with fully integrated software.

Phase One iXH & iXG Camera System

The iXH and iXG Camera Systems are a high resolution camera system specifically for high volume digital preservation image capture. It is designed for accuracy, speed, simplicity of operation and image quality. The flagship model is the iXH 150 (150 megapixel model), whilst the the iXG is available in a 100 megapixel model. The system is deployed across many institutions in Australia achieving outstanding imaging and workflow outcomes.

To discuss how the iXH or iXG can improve your operating efficiency and deliver outstanding results contact the Specular Digital Preservation team.

Deep software integration
The full integration of hardware with Capture One CH software yields efficient, professional workflow and precision results. There is complete camera control, reliable performance, and expertly crafted RAW conversion algorithms. Tools for auto-cropping and aligning of both documents and books is a huge time saver, as is the automated workflow for capturing negative film.

Colour accuracy & superior detail
The iXH and iXG Camera Systems uses CMOS sensors in all models to ensure the highest resolution and lowest noise levels (the 150MP is also Back-Side Illuminated). They have a 15 f-stop dynamic range that provide not only the highest resolution, butbest sensitivity and lowest noise levels.

In combination with the ICC profiles of Capture One CH, these sensors produce the most accurate colors and details, enabling accurate reproduction for all Cultural Heritage applications. The sensor's 4:3 aspect ratio maximizes the captured area and is suitable for most common object formats.

Schneider Kreuznach optics
The iXH and iXG Cameras utilise integrated flat field optics with the 72mm and 120mm Schneider Kreuznach lenses. This compatibility addresses the needs of flat copy work, particularly useful for libraries, archives, and universities. In combination with the digital lens profiles of Capture One CH, the lenses offer the highest quality in terms of resolution, flatness, sharpness, lack of distortion and color uniformity required for the most demanding reproduction applications. 21mm and 42mm extension tubes are available for close up capturing of film and small objects at higher resolution and are designed and built with the same accuracy and quality as the camera body and lens.

The Phase One designed 72mm lens uses groundbreaking UltraRes technology to ensure perfect sharpness at all magnifications – optimized for 150MP and beyond. The motorised floating element increases precision at all apertures and magnification ranges, from 1:70 to 1:3.

Wide capture size capabilities and versatile connectivity
The iXH Camera System delivers incredible image quality for single shot A0 at 300ppi scanning of flat objects, such as maps and drawings, as well as a wide variety of other large formats. The iXH is also be the best tool for film, slides and transparency reproduction with 35mm film capture possible at over 5000ppi.

The iXH is built on the Infinity Platform – a powerful processing engine that seamlessly handles large files at high speed, for a long duration, perfectly supporting high volume cultural heritage digitization programs.

The iXH Camera System ensures fast reliable data transfer with the USB-C and 10G Ethernet connectivity. The tethering options additionally allow for advanced networking configurations.

Industrial durability
The iXH and iXG Camera Systems are designed to work hard and to last. It offers industrial build quality, made with aerial-grade aluminum and using the most durable mechanical and electronic components available today. The Reliance Shutter's longevity offers a one million actuations guarantee. And with the electronic shutter mode, you benefit from an unlimited number of shutter actuations.

Precision autofocus to 6-micron
The on-sensor focus is fully operable from within the Capture One CH software and delivers absolutely astonishing focus precision accurate to 6-micron.

Scientific tools and SDK for integration
The iXH and iXG Camera Systems and the Capture One SDK are designed to provide an open platform for new imaging applications. For example with the addition of accessory lighting and filtering, the wide spectrum, infrared, and multi-spectral capabilities of the cameras meet the highest standards required. These iXH and iXG capabilities and its incredible focusing accuracy opens the door to computational and sequential imaging, required for both multi-spectral and 3D applications.

Accurate distance measuring and PPI Assist
With the iXH and iXG's unique capability to accurately position the lens and record its properties, along with Capture One's Camera Focus Tool, the intuitive PPI Assist feature and precise contrast-based Auto Focus provide an extremely simple, yet powerful way to achieve the highest level of image quality and compliance with reproduction standards such as Metamorfoze and FADGI. Any common copy stand can be used. The margin of error is within 2ppi - well within the specs from both FADGI and Metamorfoze. Combined with other tools, such as Auto Crop, efficiency is further improved - particularly when operated by non-trained personnel, and with large batches of material in standard sizes.

Capture One CH Software

Capture One CH is a professional rapid capture solution dedicated to the Cultural Heritage community. Built on the renowned Capture One software, the Cultural Heritage edition offers a highly specialised feature set that delivers a significantly faster reprographic workflow during both capture and post-production.

Capture One CH range of features is fully functional when the Phase One iXH & iXG camera systems. It can also be used to get amazing result and achieve workflow efficiencies when used with with Phase One XF IQ series digital backs and camera systems.

C1 Ch22 Centered Hero

Highly efficient workflow
Use Capture One CH to optimize your images. Not only do you get the highest image quality from the advanced image render engine, you also have access to powerful adjustment tools to fine-tune your images for final presentation, digital asset management for archival and retrieval, and much more. In addition, Slipstream mode in Capture One CH for Windows has been designed as a simplified user interface for touch screens. It is aimed at the non-trained operator for digitisation projects of high-volume, flat object capture.

Cultural & Heritage Workspaces
Capture One Cultural Heritage has a number of preset workspaces to accommodate the specific workflow needs of professionals at the forefront of preserving our cultural heritage. These include:

CH Admin View
CH Reflective - Preflight and Production
CH Reflective - QC and Process
CH Transmissive - Preflight and Production
CH Transmissive - QC and Process

AutoCrop, Straighten & Auto Rotate
Boost productivity by automating cropping in post-processing. Select cropping options for flat art reproduction or books, including corner or edge alignment with positive or negative padding. On-Capture multi-crop script increases productivity when scanning books that do not require the full resolution of the camera.

Camera Focus with Auto Column PPI-Assist (when using iXH & iXG camera with AutoColumn)
Capture One’s Camera Focus Tool and its intuitive PPI Assist feature and precise contrast-based Auto Focus, provide an extremely simple, yet powerful way to achieve the highest level of image.

The user simply selects the target resolution, field-of-view or magnification ratio and the tool will calculate and advise the required positioning of the camera. The margin of error is within 2ppi which, at normal focusing distances, is well inside the specs of reproduction standards such as FADGI and Metamorfoze. When combined with other tools, such as AutoCrop, the efficiency and productivity of the system increase even more - particularly when operated by less trained personnel and when working with large batches of material in standard sizes.

Capture Resolution Ruler
Capture One CH has a Capture Resolution Ruler that is used to confirm the resolution of images after capture as well as when performing test shots using the composition mode.

Negative Film reproduction tools and styles
An improved workflow that automates the conversion of negative transparent material in both black & white and colors. Use the exposure tools in an intuitive way to adjust exposure, contrast and colors, and get perfect results, ready for print or post processing. A selection of Cultural Heritage development styles allow to quickly chose a set of conversion parameters for different film types.

Specialised ICC Profiles for Cultural Heritage
Obtain high color accuracy with specialised ICC profiles optimized for both color precision and three dimensional gradients at the same time. Available for common studio light types such as flash, LED and tungsten as well as for specific types of film.

Enhanced Colour Editor and Black & White Tools
Advanced Color Editor can help to achieve monochrome images or to enhance selected colors. In order to achieve the perfect image, Capture One CH offers an Enhanced Color Editor and also a black & white Tool. Capture One CH offers a vastly improved noise reduction, especially for higher ISO images.

Barcode Scanner Tool
An integrated Barcode scanner tool in Capture One Cultural Heritage will help you ensure that the assets are named and identified correctly as they are captured. It is intended to be used with Next Capture Naming tool. If you are using Capture One CH on a Mac, you will have additional possibilities to use the Barcode string by taking advantage of Apple Script.

Slipstream Capturing for non-trained Operators
Systems requiring specialist operators are often the biggest barrier to an efficient workflow. Capture One CH has Slipstream that a highly simplified capturing mode that opens up on top of Capture One CH and hides most of Capture One’s complexity. Slipstream runs on a Windows computer and is designed for touch screen operation.

Tools lock (for admins)
Capture One CH has the ability to lock specific tools so that they cannot be altered by accident during a busy shoot by changing the camera settings or file naming, for example. It is also possible to assign a pin code to the locking system so that the administrator or photographer in charge can prevent assistants from unlocking the tools and change important capture properties.

Capture One CH for multiple workstations
Capture One CH is for Mac and Windows and provides a license for to to 4 seats

Phase One scanning solution components

To match the high resolution recording potential when using the Phase One iXG or XF Camera System for the reproduction of flat works it is imperative to install a suitable capture stage and camera mount.

Phase One offer sophisticated AutoColumn copy stands, film and glass plate holders, film capture stages and LED light table inserts.

P1 C 74026000 01

Phase One Film Capture Stage

To facilitate the capture of film, transparenacies, 35mm slides and glass plates, Phase One have created the Film Capture Stage.

The Film Capture Stage is designed to go on top of a lightbox

The Film Capture Stage provides an adjustable, geared support mechanism and is compatible with a range of carriers for glass plate negatives as well as most popular film strip and sheet formats. It can be easily adjusted to position the object directly under the camera.

Film & Glass Plate carriers

The Phase One Film and Glass Plate Carriers are designed to work with the Film Capture Stage, ensuring smooth handling and efficient workflow.

Made of milled high-grade aluminum and using optically optimized glass base, they maintain parallelism and flatness.

The Film Carriers work with specially designed clamps that carefully stretch and flatten the film strips.

Supported film formats:

• 35 mm strips
• 120 mm strips
• 9 x 12 cm
• 13 x 18 cm
• 18 x 24 cm
• 4 x 5 in.
• 8 x 10 in.
• Mounted 35 mm slides

Supported Glass Plate formats:

• 9 x 12 cm
• 13 x 18 cm
• 18 x 24 cm
• 24 x 30 cm


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