Profoto Lighting

The Australian home of the most world's best flash equipment is Specular.

Since 1968, groundbreaking technology developed by Profoto has given photographers the ability create their vision. With Profoto, photographers have a suite of tools to create and shape light in more ways than ever before.

With more rental houses in the world keeping Profoto packs and heads than any other brand, photographers know they can rely on Profoto wherever their work takes them.

Profoto are renowned for the diversity of their lighting tools, advanced technology such as High Speed Sync and TTL-Metering, reliable radio triggering with the Profoto Air system, in a robust package that maintains consistent colour and light output from shot-to-shot.

At Specular we are experts in the range of Profoto flash and light shaping tools, and can advise which lights suit your vision. Our ability to explain the technology is second to none, so you won't get caught out with equipment that doesn't quite do what you need!

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