Profoto Light Shaping Tools

If you are looking for luscious beauty light, or tightly controlled light for still life product photography, there is a Profoto modifier that will get the job done.

Profoto Lst On Black Softbox Rfi

Profoto Softboxes

Hugely popular, softboxes come in square, rectangular, and octagonal shapes with multiple sizes that offer a great variety of light shaping control. An optional Profoto Softgrid will further reduce the spread of the light.

Profoto RFI Softboxes are the main range, and can work with any Profoto flash or flash head from other brands with a compatible speedring.

Also available are Profoto OCF Softboxes. Lighter weight for portability these softboxes are designed to be used with battery powered Profoto lights with LED modelling lights. NB. use with hot tungsten modelling lights could damage the OCF range.

Profoto Umbrellas On Black

Profoto Umbrellas

The simple umbrella has been a mainstay of photographers for decades. Known for its ability to spread light broadly, umbrellas offer a distinct advantage with their portability.

The Profoto Deep umbrellas are a great upgrade to this traditional look with a more concentrated spread almost like a softbox.

Often umbrellas are used in combination with front diffusion panels for the most flattering portrait light.

The "Beauty Dish"

Known in the industry as a beauty dish, this classic Profoto hard reflector is actually the Profoto Softlight Reflector. It is called a Beauty Dish because it produces distinct shadows and light fall-off characteristics that are often used in beauty and portrait photography.

It comes in white or silver, and can be used on its own or with an optional honeycomb grid or diffusor.

Profoto C Softlight Reflector White Product In Use Gallery Carolina Nikotian 01
Profoto Giants On Black

Profoto Giants

When your vision calls for the largest directional light possible the Profoto Giants and Profoto Giant Reflectors are the answer.

The Giant range are a fairly simple oversized umbrella of 150cm or 210cm diameter in white or silver. The Giant Reflector range are a more parabolic shaped light available in silver and come in 180cm, 240cm, and an enormous 300cm diameter.

Profoto Hard Reflectors On Black

Profoto Hard Reflectors

Called hard reflectors not because they make hard looking light (though they can), but because they are made of hard metal or polymer! In the right hands these reflectors can be used for flattering soft looks or to replicate pin-point like sunlight with precise shadows.

There are also a range of add-ons for hard reflectors to further enhance or control the character of the light that includes grids, snoots and gel holders.

The OCF Zoom and OCF Magnum

These lighter, more portable versions of the iconic Zoom Reflector and Magnum Reflector have been specially tuned to suit the newer style of Profoto battery and mains powered monolights.

Because the highly mirrored surface is angled to perfectly reflect the front element of the light, it actually increases the light output up to almost 2 f-stops.

Profoto B1X Product In Use Gallery Karl Gough 13
Profoto Ocf Reflectors On Black

Profoto OCF Light Shapers

Designed for Profoto's range of portable battery powered lights with LED modelling lights, the OCF (Off Camera Flash) range of modifiers are light-weight and packable for photographers on the move.

The hard reflectors like the OCF Magnum and OCF Zoom add brightness so you can get even more out of your portable lights.

A clever range of stackable compact grids and gel holders are incredibly versatile and convenient.

Profoto Collapsible Reflectors On Black

Profoto Collapsible Reflectors

Something that should be in every photographers kit are reflectors and scrims, and a collapsable reflectors are a convenient way to carry them wherever you need to go.

Reflectors can bounce more light towards your subject to fill shadows, and come with one surface on one side, and an alternate surface on the reverse side.

Scrims offer a uniform translucent surface that can simply be placed between your subject and light to soften the look.

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