The new Profoto A1X offers longer shooting, and is now an option for Sony photographers

Posted on May 15, 2019

With this update to the Profoto A1 the new A1X gets a user interface overhaul, a new kit with a Profoto Connect, and is now available in a Sony mount.

What's new in the A1X?

  • New battery with 450 full power flashes (instead of 350)
  • Faster recycle time (1.0s instead of 1.2 at full power)
  • 20 channels for the Air Remote (up from 8)
  • New user interface inspired by the Profoto B10

Profoto A1X highlights

  • Sony, Canon, or Nikon mount
  • Now available in kit with a Profoto Connect
  • Round head with soft smooth light fall-off for a natural look
  • Small, ultra-portable, and versatile
  • Long lasting battery (450 full power flashes)
  • Fast recycling of 0.05 sec to 1.0 second
  • Air Remote built-in so you can run other lights or use it off-camera
  • Large Hi-Res intuitive display
  • A range of snap-on magnetic light-shapers

Our thoughts

We already love the A1, and with the updated user interface the A1X is even better!

Many of our clients who are event or wedding photographers have fully changed over from speedlights due to the far superior recycling time and easy battery swaps, plus they find the light is just more pleasant.

We also hear lots of feedback that people are using the flicker-free modelling light in places where the ambient light isn't quite working for them, and even for shooting quick videos!

Also available in a kit with the Profoto Connect

The Profoto A1X is available stand-alone, or alternatively in a kit with a Profoto Connect which is a great way to jump in to off-camera lighting for the first time.

It is really easy to set up an A1X on a light-weight stand and stand-mount, and it works great with a small umbrella.

With the Profoto Connect (or an Air Remote if you already have one) you can be set-up and shooting beautiful portraits or still-life photographs in a matter of minutes.

Pricing & availability

At launch the Australian price of the A1X alone is $1,595, and in the kit with the Profoto Connect is $1,744.60 which is a great saving compared to buying them separately.

All the kits are ready to ship in limited quantities so order quickly to secure yours.

You can order yours from our online store or contact us to find out if the A1X is the right flash for your work.

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