The new Profoto B10 - when size matters

Posted on September 12, 2018

A new member of the Profoto light family, the Profoto B10 is as small as a camera lens, has the flash output of 5 speedlights, and includes an integrated continuous light for video!

If you are familiar with the Profoto B1X you will feel right at home with it’s new smaller and lighter cousin: the Profoto B10.

Profoto B10 highlights

  • Small, ultra-portable, and light enough to easily hand-hold on a boom
  • Long lasting battery (400 full power flashes or 75 minutes of full power continuous)
  • Plug in mains power for charging while in operation
  • Fast recycling and short flash duration (down to 1/50,000th)
  • Excellent power output at 250W/s (only one stop less than the B1X)
  • Dimmable LED with adjustable colour temperature for video or stills
  • Bluetooth connectivity for control from mobile devices
  • Fits all the standard and OCF Profoto light-shapers
  • Works with all your other Profoto lights using the Air Remote system
  • Trigger with an AirTTL Remote use the B10 in High Speed Sync mode

Our thoughts

The first thing that jumps out at you when you pick up the B10 is the size and weight – in fact its code-name during development was “pint” and it certainly lives up to that name!

With the same body diameter as the B1X, D2, and Pro-Heads, the B10 can be fitted with all the standard light shapers that Profoto are famous for (including the OCF range), and there is an umbrella mount built right into the removable stand adaptor.

Not just a flash, also great for video

A very cool addition for anyone who shoots video or likes to use continuous light for stills, the LED is dimmable from 100-10%, and colour temperature adjustable from 3000-6500K. At max output of 2500 lumens it is a very usable light.

We are also super impressed with the quality of the bags you get with each kit. The Core Backpack in particular is fantastic and fits a great range of gear in a really sleek size with a tonne of smart pockets, including space for a laptop.

You can order yours from our online store or contact us to find out if the B10 is the right flash for your work.

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