Phase One iXM-RS 280F Large Swath Camera

Offering metric camera functionality in a robust but compact package the iXM-RS 280F 280 megapixel camera system outperforms other large format systems and offers higher return on investment.

The iXM-RS 280F dual lens camera presents an excellent alternative to traditional large format cameras in diverse aerial mapping applications: small and medium size area mapping projects, corridor mapping, LiDAR mapping, urban mapping, 3D City modelling and oblique imagery capturing, construction and infrastructure monitoring and inspection.

I Xu Rs 1900 Transparent
iXU-RS1900 sample - resolution reduced and compressed for web

iXU-RS1900 for mapping - click to view reduced resolution sample

Unique Features
  • Over 20,000 pixel resolution across the flight line
  • Backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor
  • Wide dynamic range for improved light sensitivity
  • Images free from motion blur without the need for software FMC
  • More flying hours per day & more flights per year
  • Maintains object resolution in low light conditions
  • Large forward overlap for 3D city modelling
  • Small size and light weight enable the use of lighter platforms

Easily combine the Phase One iXM-RS 280F with Phase One iX Controller, GNSS/IMU receiver, Somag gyro-stabilized mount, and Phase One flight management and capture software for a true turn-key solution.

Download the Phase One iXM-RS280F brochure.

280 Megapixel Resolution

The iXM-RS 280F is a dual lens metric camera generating central projection image from two 150MP nadir images with equal ground resolution.

Combined this creates an image greater than 20,000 pixels across the flight line for incredible efficiency.

Advanced CMOS Sensors

The high performance CMOS sensors have a large dynamic range of 83dB, and can operate in lighting conditions not achievable by large format solutions, allowing you to achieve more flight time every day.

Configurable for 4-Band Capability

The 280MP 4-Band solution comprises dual 90 mm lenses for capturing RGB information, and a 50 mm lens for capturing NIR information and thus providing 4-Band (R,G,B,NIR) or CIR imagery.

The integrated iX Capture software automatically generates distortion-free 4-Band images by matching the NIR and RGB images, creating precise and reliable output data.

Pure Sharpness

Short exposure times are possible due to the higher sensitivity pixel design of the new generation CMOS sensor, matched with high-speed shutter of the RS lens (up to 1/2000 sec). The result is far superior to other large format solutions that require Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) software correction.

This results in up to 390 kts ground speed while achieving 10cm GST and motion blur under 1 pixel.

A Better Choice for 3D City, Dense DSM and Oblique Imagery

The IXM-RS 280F cameras have an extremely high image capture rate of 0.5 seconds supporting large forward overlap at high aircraft ground speed. A 97% forward overlap is achievable at 10cm GST flying at 150 kts.

The table below presents the capability of the system when prioritising less than 1 pixel of motion blur at various GSD targets.

GSD (cm)Altitude (m)Altitude (ft)Swath (m)
3 718 2,356 605
5 1,197 3,926 1,008
10 2,394 7,853 2,015
15 3,590 11,779 3,023
20 4,787 15,706 4,030
25 5,984 19,632 5,038
30 7,181 23,559 6,045

iXM-RS280F Aerial Camera Specifications

Camera SpecificationsiXM-RS 280F 4-BandiXM-RS 280F
Frame geometry Central projection Central projection
Image size (pixels) 20,150 x 14,118 20,150 x 14,118
Output formats Distortion Free RGB, NIR, CIR, RGBN, NVDI in TIFF 8 and 16 Bit or JPEG Distortion Free RGB in TIFF 8 and 16 Bit or JPEG
RGB/NIR ratio 1:1.8 N/A
Frame width for 10 cm GSD (m) 2,015 2,015
Frame height for 10 cm GSD (m) 1,412 1,412
Frame area for 10 cm GSD ( 2.84 2.84
Typical image size (MB) For TIFF (8 Bit) 1100 833
Number of lenses 3 2
Focal length (mm) 90 & 50 90
FOV across flight (deg.) 45.7 45.7
FOV along flight (deg.) 32.9 32.9
Aperture range f/5.6 - f/11 f/5.6 - f/11
Exposure method Leaf shutter Leaf shutter
Exposure (sec) Up to 1/2000 Up to 1/2000
Image capture rate (sec) 0.5 0.5
Light sensitivity (ISO) 50 - 6400 50 - 6400
Dynamic range (dB) 83 83
NIR Range 720 - 1000nm -
Sensors 3 2
Sensor type CMOS CMOS
Power input (V DC) 12-30 12-30
Max power consumption (W) camera only 48 32
Operating temperature (°C ) -10 to 40 -10 to 40
Humidity - non-condensing (%) 15 - 80 15 - 80
Approvals FCC Class A, CE, RoHS FCC Class A, CE, RoHS

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