Phase One IQ4 Camera System

An all new digital back architecture is built to achieve infinite possibilities, removing limitations to your creative workflow.

Phase One IQ4 Digital Back Features

While the IQ4 shares the same look and feel of its predecessors, Phase One engineered the internals from the ground-up with all new connectivity, image processing and much more.

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150 megapixel Backside Illuminated Sensor

The IQ4 150MP and IQ4 150MP Achromatic models feature an ultra-efficient Backside Illuminated Sensor (BSI) design that delivers unprecedented image quality and detail. A world first in full frame medium format photography.

What does this mean in practice?

  • ISO 50 to 25,600* (ISO 200 to 102,400* on the Achromatic)
  • 15 Stops Dynamic Range**
  • Lower Noise
  • Faster Frame Rate
  • Expanded Electronic Shutter and Live View capability

*Maximum ISO not yet established
**Maximum dynamic range not yet established

Capture One built-in

With Capture One raw processing engine built directly into the digital back you can apply image styles and other non-destructive raw editing right at the time of capture.

Save JPG files to the second card slot or deliver over WiFi knowing that the images will render precisely the same when you get the RAW files back to your computer.

Full Frame Medium Format Sensor

The full frame medium format sensors found in XF IQ4 Camera Systems, 1.5x the size of crop sensor mirrorless medium format, allow you to capture more data, providing more detail and impressive results so that you can achieve your creative vision straight out of the camera. With the expanded output flexibility provided by the high resolution and up to 15 stops of dynamic range, your workflow options grow exponentially.

Built on the Infinity Platform

With IQ4, Phase One built in processing architecture and interface capabilities not just for the features they wanted today, but with the ability to add capabilities to the system long after release through software updates. They call this Infinity Platform, and it changes what is possible and expected from a camera.

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Time-Lapse and Bracketed photos using Electronic Shutter

With the new faster Electronic Shutter in the IQ4 it is now possible to shoot time-lapse and bracketed exposure sequences straight from the back bypassing the camera - even technical camera users can now create 150 megapixel time-lapses!

Future proof connectivity with Ethernet and USB-C

Prepared for the future, the IQ4 comes with a USB-C port plus an Ethernet for advanced tethering, data transfer, and power options.

USB-C is now near ubiquitous on new computers, is fast, and offers a much more solid connection than USB-3.0. It also allows you to use USB-C powerbanks for in-the-field powering, and directly attach USB-C drives for fast export without the need for a computer.

Ethernet is a widely available and cheap standard with solid click-in attachments. With a suitable router tethering is supported up to 90 meters, but can be extended to connect to a Capture One session over a local network or even over the web!

Go cable free with true WiFi Tethering

Cable free tethering is a genuine possibility, with the built-in WiFi on all IQ4 backs able to transfer RAW files in as little as seven seconds in addition to storing them in-camera.

Power all day

XF power share allows you to charge either battery from the XF Camera or Digital Back with no down-time as long as the remaining battery has charge.

IQ4 also features Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C tethering options for continuous power delivery to the system either via mains power or an attached power bank.

Flexibility of next-gen card slots

For even more workflow flexibility IQ4 features both XQD and SD card slots, and you can customise how your files are delivered to each.

XQD facilitates a faster capture and data transfer rate, ensuring that your workflow remains smooth and efficient, even when shooting 16-bit RAW images. The IQ4 is prepared for CFexpress support.

SD facilitates a more flexible workflow with a widely-used card type. You can use the SD storage as a second card to expand your total storage, as a mirrored backup of your primary storage, or as JPEG storage alongside primary RAW capture. SD is a widely-used, and easily found, card type that has become a standard within photography. You can easily transfer images to a supported device in the field without the use of additional accessories or cables, for faster edits, client proofs or backup.

Nail your exposure and focus before pressing the shutter

The advanced Live View on IQ4 enables tools to preview your capture like never before.

Exposure Simulation shows you how your image will look before you press the shutter, and includes an accurate histogram.

Focus Mask highlights which parts of your image are sharp, and you can pinch-to-zoom in exactly where you need.

IQ4 Digital Back Range

IQ4 digital backs come with either a 150 megapixel BSI, 150 megapixel BSI Achromatic, or a 100 megapixel Trichromatic sensor.

Powered by the new Infinity Platform architecture, and with Capture One built-in, the Phase One IQ4 delivers the ultimate image quality and capture performance. The IQ4 series digital backs are exclusively available for the XF Camera, or Technical Camera system with an appropriate mounting plate.

Iq4 Camera System Paul Reiffer
IQ4 150MPIQ4 100MP TrichromaticIQ4 150MP Achromatic
Resolution (megapixels) 151 101 151
Long Exposure (minutes) 60 60 60
16 bit Opticolor+ Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Range (f-stops) TBA 15 TBA
Sensitivity (ISO) 50 - 25,600 35 - 12,800 200- 102,400
Lens Factor 1 1 1
Sensor Size (pixels) 14204 x 10652 11608 x 8708 14204 x 10652
Sensor Size (mm) 53.4 x 40 53.4 x 40 53.4 x 40
Pixel Dimensions (micron) 3.8 4.6 3.8
Output @ 300DPI (cm) 120.3 x 90.2 98.3 x 73.2 120.3 x 90.2
Mount Options* XF XF XF

*Mount Options for IQ Backs include
XF: Suits Phase One XF, DF+ and DF, Mamiya DF+ and DF
H: Suits Hasselblad H1 and H2
V: Suits Hasselblad V-series
C: Suits Contax 645


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