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Cambo WRS Rear Lens Covers are shipping now!

Posted by Rory Shinners | 07 August 2019

If you have a Cambo WRS, WRC, or WDS technical camera, you may have had the issue of having difficulty removing the rear lens cap - this new cover solves that.


Head-to-head: should you choose the new Profoto B10 Plus 500 or the B1X 500?

06 June 2019

Now that the Profoto B10 Plus 500 has been released, this begs the question: why would you buy a Profoto B1X?


The new Profoto A1X offers longer shooting, and is now an option for Sony photographers

15 May 2019

With this update to the Profoto A1 the new A1X gets a user interface overhaul, a new kit with a Profoto Connect, and is now available in a Sony mount.

Technical Cameras, Phase One

Behind the scenes: Artist Rone photographs his immersive exhibition EMPIRE with the Phase One IQ4 150MP

11 April 2019

We went on-set with Rone to see how the 150 megapixel back was used to document his lates work.

Phase One, Technical Cameras

How to trigger a Phase One IQ4 digital back when using a technical camera

Posted by Rory Shinners | 04 April 2019

We dig into all the ways to sync an IQ4 digital back with a technical camera, and what cables you will need.


Profoto Connect - a simple easy to use remote

27 March 2019

For photographers looking to jump into lighting without complexity, the Profoto Connect is a simple, compact flash trigger with a lot of hidden power.

BenQ, Eizo

The best monitors for photographers in 2019

25 February 2019

When you browse online for monitors it seems like you have millions of choices, but for photographers there's actually only a handful worth considering.

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