Phase One

Camera System - Phase One IQ180 XF and 80mm f2.8 LS Lens


Available - Melbourne

The IQ180 XF camera system offers exceptional image quality. With its high resolution 80 megapixel full 645 size CCD image sensor you get jaw-dropping detail and spectacular colour and tone reproduction.

Digital Back Features:
> Full frame 80 megapixel CCD sensor (53.7 x 40.4mm) (5.2x5.2 micron pixels)
> Active pixels resolution: 10328 x 7760 pixels
> ISO 35-800, ISO 200-3200 in Sensor+ mode (20MP)
> 16-bit colour
> 12.5 f-stop dynamic range
> Compact Flash Storage
> USB 3.0 and Firmware 800 connectivity
> 3.2” touch screen with 1.15 megapixels 290 ppi(dpi) 16 million colors, 170  viewing angle
> RAW file size: Approx 80MB
> Processed TIF file (approx): 240MB (8 -bit RGB), 480MB (16-bit RGB)

XF Camera Features:
> Touch screen interface - OneTouch IU
> Integrated Focal Plane shutter (compatible with focal plane lenses)
> Compatible with Leaf Shutter lenses (for flash sync to 1/1600 sec)
> Lens range: 28mm to 240mm (approx 80+ lenses)
> TTL light metering
> Built -in Profoto Air Remote
> Shutter speed: 1/4000 sec to 60 minutes
> Autofocus modes: Spot, Average, Hyperfocal
> Focus Stacking capabilities
> Customisable interface

• Phase One IQ180 (80 megapixel) Digital Back (CCD)
• Phase One XF Camera Body With Prism Viewfinder with Built-in Profoto AirTTL remote for control of Profoto Air Lights
• Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm f2.8 leaf shutter lens
• Hähnel Twin Pro charger with international power supply and car charger
• 2x Batteries (1 for XF body & 1 for Digital Back)
• Capture One 20 for Phase One
• USB3.0 Cable (3.0m)

Condition: Pre-owned - Normal use, some marks.

>> Checked and Guaranteed great condition - 30 day warranty

International price (no GST): $22,718.18

Product code 01-71862-SH

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