Profoto Clic Barndoor for A Series Flash Heads (A1, A1X, A10, A2)


The Profoto Clic Barndoors for A Series lights allows the user to flag your light spread with precision when using A-series flashes (A2, A10, A1X and A1)

Other Clic light shaping tools can also be attached to the front metal ring, allowing users to combine Clic light shaping tools with OCF light shaping tools.

Note: Images contain examples of product in use, other products not included.

Product code PRO-101306

Why buy Profoto from Specular?

Light control in a Clic.

Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images and Profoto Clic light shaping tools provide many creative possibilities for the Profoto A2, A10, A1X, A1 and C1 Plus, A1X. Each light shaping tool has its own distinct effect on light.

Created to be used with all A-series flashes, the Clic Barndoor allows you to control the spread of light more precisely by swinging one or more of the doors into the beam. Perfect for creating a clean and narrow shape, vignettes on the subject or background, or an asymmetric spread of light. Additionally, the Clic Barndoor can transform an A-series flash into a rim or an accent light by closing off the barn doors to create a narrow opening.

Thanks to Profoto’s magnetic mount design, the Clic Barndoor ‘clicks’ on and off instantly and can be stacked over Clic Grids & Gels. Better still, it comes in a protective case for easy carrying and storage.

Product key features:
— Instant mount with magnetic click
— 360 degree rotatable on Profoto A-series flashes
— Four individually adjustable barndoors
— Stack over Clic light shaping tools with flat surface
— Delivered in a protective case
— Compatible with Profoto A-series flashes including A1, A1X, A10 and A2.

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