Profoto - Light Shaping Tools

Style your light to perfection

For more than four decades, professional photographers around the world have come to value Profoto’s expertise in lighting and light-shaping. Their extensive range of Light Shaping Tools offers photographers unlimited possibilities for creating and adjusting their own light.
Profoto is the world leader in electronic flash. It's simplicity, robustness and beautiful light quality means that it is the system most asked for in rental studios and rental houses worldwide.

We designed and engineered Profoto tools as a high performance system for professionals – with built-in ruggedness and durability. At the same time, we made sure that you can easily control lighting in demanding situations. As a professional photographer, you have your own special style and needs. You know what you want to achieve, and it is not right until you can shape the light your way. Therefore, the Profoto Light Shaping System offers maximum flexibility.
We set the position of the flash tube high and free of the lamp body, does making every Light Shaping Tool zoomable. So every one of our tools offers a cascade of lighting effects. The Profoto family of Light Shaping Tools covers every angle, from traditional umbrellas and reflectors, to special effects equipment. Based on our design philosophy of look, listen and touch, the controls are easy to read and use – even without reading manuals. Just choose the tool you need, snap it on, then zoom it to perfection. You’re in control.

Shape the light the way you want, with minimum fuss. In the studio or on location, just select the components you need from the versatile Profoto Light Shaping Tool system. Reflectors, umbrellas, grids, spots, softboxes and more – each optically designed to create a distinct light character. Use your eyes and your hands. Feel the rugged design. All the accessories you need to create your own style. Your light. On demand.

Download the complete Profoto Light Shaping Tools PDF (5.8MB)

Profoto - Umbrella XL

Exciting new light shaper

Large umbrellas are useful Light Shaping Tools for portrait, people and fashion photography. They create a smooth but yet distinctive light, which allows the user to illuminate an entire person or even small groups with just a single light source.

Profoto's new Umbrella XL has a diameter of 165 cm. It is available in white, silver and translucent versions, and it fits on all Profoto flash heads and monolights. It can also be mounted on Profoto's Cine Reflector, and thereby be used with the new line of continuous light sources – ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten 1000 Air.

The Umbrella XL has a slightly parabolic shape. This allows one to change the light distribution by simply sliding the shaft inside the flash head. In addition, the light spread can be adjusted by moving the Zoom Reflector back or forth.

There is an optional front diffuser available, which practically converts Umbrella XL white and silver into a fully functioning Octabox. There is also an optional stand adapter available, which allows one to mount the umbrella on a light stand, or to use it with former Profoto heads, or even with products from other brands.

Profoto Umbrella XL range: (All umbrellas come in a rugged transport bag.)

Profoto - Softboxes

Profoto have 2 ranges of softboxes - RFi for photography light shaping and HR (Heat Resistant) for still and Motion photography.

Profoto RFi Softboxes

Tools for flexible softening.

RFi softboxes come in all sizes and shapes. To ensure full control for the photographer, they have a deeper shape, a recessed front, double-layered diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior. Optional accessories are available for even more precise light shaping. Last but not least, you will not have to worry about what strobes you are using, as the new speedring adaptors make the RFi softboxes compatible with more than 20 different flash brands!

Key features of the Profoto RFi softbox range :

RFi softbox sizes :

RFi softbox accessories include :

Check out the RFi introduction video to see the new features.

Check out the these other instructional videos:

Profoto HR Softboxes

Tough tools for flexible softening for photography & video.

Profoto, the world's leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for still and motion photography, introduces the HR Softbox – a heat resistant softbox optimized for continuous light sources.

Profoto softboxes are made of durable light efficient materials that stand the daily use, even under the toughest conditions. Removable fronts and inner diffusors, plus a series of grids and masks make light adjustments easy. The evenness of the light output from the whole surface is virtually perfect. The approximate centre Guide number (at 2 meters/2400 Ws/ISO 100/21°) for all Profoto Softboxes is f/32.0. All Profoto softboxes fit all Profoto lamp heads, of course. But did you know that by using our adapter speedrings, your Profoto softboxes will fit virtually any other manufacturer's lamp heads as well?

Profoto softboxes are perfectly crafted. They offer two illuminations effects in one tool.

When used as traditional softboxes, the light is extremely even and homogeneous with clean highlights, saturated colours and open shadows. With diffusors removed, these light shaping tools turn into large reflectors with crisp illumination, suitable for portrait and fashion.

Heat resistant material and ventilation openings allow the use of Profoto Tungsten and HMI lights.

HR softbox sizes :

HR softbox accessories include :

Profoto - Reflectors

Systematically shape with light. Profoto designed the light source (flash tube and modelling lamp) to be mounted high and free in the flash head.

Narrow Beam Travel Reflector & Narrow Beam Reflector

Direct light with centre hot spot and extreme shadows for maximum output with a normal beam spread. The Magnum Reflector provides strong, smooth light. Although this is not a true focusing reflector, zooming it across the focal point does create interesting lighting effects. To achieve precise control over direction of the light, the Magnum can be supplemented by the ProTube, Honeycomb Grid or Barn Doors.

TeleZoom Reflector

Direct light with maximum output even at large distances sharing its lighting characteristics with the Standard Zoom Reflector, this new reflector is unique because the angle of light varies from 20 degrees at head position 5, to 30 degrees at head position 10. Even illumination and high light output add to the versatility of this new unit. The Tele Zoom Reflector produces f/90.3 at 2 meters with a 2400 W/s pack.The Tele Zoom accepts the same accessories like the Magnum and Narrow Beam Reflector.

Magnum Reflector

Direct light with high output and defined shadows for maximum output with a normal beam spread. The Magnum Reflector provides strong, smooth light. Although this is not a true focusing reflector, zooming it across the focal point does create interesting lighting effects. To achieve precise control over direction of the light, the Magnum can be supplemented by the ProTube, Honeycomb Grid or Barn Doors.

Wide Zoom Reflector

Very even illumination with a fast fall off this new reflector is very versatile with an angle of light from 40 to 70 degrees. Very even illumination already when used at short distances. The Wide Zoom reflector produces f/64 at 2 meters with a 2400 Ws pack.

Standard Zoom Reflector

Direct light with centre hot spot and extreme shadows the most versatile reflector within the Profoto system. Zoomable from real wide angle illumination of 100° to a standard beam of 65°. Also perfect in combination with umbrellas. 5°, 10° and 20° grids and snoot can be used with grid- and filter holder. Furthermore 4-sided barn doors are available.

New Zoom Reflector

The new Zoom Reflector – improving on a classic the classic Profoto Zoom Reflector has served photographers all over the world for more than three decades. It was time to look it over, and Profoto technicians actually managed to improve it in a number of areas:

Grid Reflector

Seven inch reflector allows direct use of 7" grids.

Disc Reflector

Compact designed reflector designed for use with an umbrella. It keeps light from spilling off the edges of the umbrella. Very compact design for easy carrying.

Softlight Reflector Silver 26°

The silver-coloured Softlight Reflector gives focused light, while at the same time providing soft shadow definition, thanks to its large reflecting area. It is especially suitable for lighting materials or subjects in which the structure should be emphasised. Can be equipped with glass deflector, 10° grid and a front diffuser.

Softlight Reflector White 65°

The white Softlight Reflector also known as "The Beauty Dish" gives a soft, yet directional light. Meant to provide character lighting in portrait photography, the Softlight is superb for a wide variety of uses from product photography to architectural or environmental studies. Also, a distinctive alternative to the widely used softboxes. Character lighting refers to a source of light that is placed close to the subject.

Can be equipped with a glass deflector, a front diffuser and a 25° honeycomb grid.

Honeycomb Grids

Many of the reflectors and softlight reflectors can be fitted with grids.


360° surrounding light the ProGlobe gives a surrounding light, similar to a bare bulb effect or, if mounted high up, like a street lamp source. It can also be used as background lighting or placed underneath a photography table.

Cinematographers call this a “Chinese lantern”. Its soft, bare bulb effect is perfect for quick location lighting. When used in combination with a softbox mounted around it, the ProGlobe creates very even light with soft shadows.

The ProGlobe comes either with mountings to attach softboxes, or with lock springs to custom mount on softbox speed ring mounts.


Direct crisp light this unique light shaping tool is actually a kind of absorber that eliminates stray light and reduces the size of the light source to its minimum. With the Hardbox it's possible to create a light character similar to direct sunlight, with deep sharp shadows and pinpoint sized highlights. The Hardbox accepts the same accessories like the Standard Zoom Reflector for improved light control. For best results the Hardbox should be used in combination with clear glass covers.

Reflector/accessory cannot be used with ProDaylight and ProTungsten head.


Small box for small reflecting objects this 20x30 cm box light with extremely even illumination from corner to corner, is the perfect light source for small reflecting objects. Several boxes can be grouped together to achieve a larger lighting area. Directly mounted on all Profoto flash heads like a reflector.
The ProBox is primarily meant to provide even lighting for small subjects. Similar in effect to small soft box, the ProBox offers additional advantages of being rigid. Reflections in glass and silver can often show wrinkles and imperfections in soft fabric diffusers. The solid face of the ProBox offers perfectly even edge-to-edge illumination without reflection. And since the front is waterproof it is perfectly suited to "Pour" or "Splash" shots as it can be quickly dried in between exposures to keep reflections clean.
The 20x30 cm size is perfect for most of tabletop applications, however if situations call for a larger light source, the ProBox excels simply by stacking several boxes together. The wrap of the edge permits additional units to be joined seamlessly when fired. Since the ProBox accepts standard heads it offers true proportional modelling light control, and the use of multiple boxes permit also higher light output when several boxes are used.


Extended light the Pro Tube accessory extends the Magnum, Narrow Beam and TeleZoom Reflectors for tighter, hotter light pattern. It can be supplemented by a grid.


For Grid- & Filterholder. Cannot be used with ProDaylight and ProTungsten

Profoto Spotlights


"The Movie Light" here it is, the classic "Movie Light"! An averaged sized spotlight with a 175 mm fresnel lens for still life, people and food photography. The improved optical system does increase the efficiency and offers 100% conformity of model and flash light. Optional barn doors and filter holder are available.

Average sized classical spotlight for still life, pack shot, food, fashion and people photography. Creates the typical “movie light” with sharp, deep shadows and high colour saturation. When used from a shorter distance, the shadows are more open and the light fall-off is reduced – this makes this spot also perfectly suited for crisp still life pictures. The FresnelSpot has a built-in flashtube, which increases the efficiency and gives 100% conformity of model and flash light for total light control. High quality Fresnel lens with 175 mm diameter. Adjustable from 10°-50° light spread. Small and lightweight housing for its size. Active fan cooling allows continuous use. Optional barn doors for stray light control. Integrated support for filters and masks. Rigid and stable construction allows heavy duty use. Max. 650W model light and up to 2400 Ws flash capacity.

Spot Small

This high-quality optical focusing spot can be used to project patterns or masked shapes onto your set. Ideal for creating theatrical lighting effects, the Spot Small projects a spot as small as 5 cm diameter from a distance of 0.9 m. It attaches to any Profoto flash head. Accepts "M" size (7 cm) gobos.

Fresnel Small

Fresnel Small projects a clean, crisp beam of light, similar to that of natural sunlight. This compact, vented housing features a 15 cm (6'') glass fresnel lens, then adjustable beam-angle control and a tilting light stand mount. Filters can be attached to the front of the fresnel for additional lighting effects. It attaches to any Profoto flash head, without requiring an adapter, and is easily adjustable with its built-in iris control. It adjusts the diameter of it's projected beam and can also be used with all Profoto heads. Excellent for location interiors.


A typical "Follow Spot", perfectly suited to create stage lighting effects, accent lights or background projection – even over a huge distance.

The zoom lens is adjustable from 15°–35° and has a revolving lens unit for uncomplicated light adjustments.

The Profoto ZoomSpot is a superb focusable light shaping tool to create stage lighting effect, accent lights over a huge distance or for background projection.

The Zoom lens is adjustable from 15°-35° light spread and has a revolving lens unit for uncomplicated light adjustments. Active fan cooling allows continuous use. Integrated support for filters, masks and gobos. Rigid and stable construction allows heavy duty use. Max. 650 W model light and up to 4800 Ws flash capacity.

Dedicated light stand available (Profoto EasyStand M).


Profoto's smallest spot most likely the smallest professional flash spot available! Delivered with a frosted Fresnel lens with 80 mm diameter. Zoomable from 10°-40° for individual adjustments of the light beam. Optional Dedolight attachment to project gobo's, patterns and pin spots even from a short distance. A dream come true not only for advanced still life photographers.

The MultiSpot has a built-in flashtube, which increases the efficiency and gives 100% conformity of model and flash light for total light control.
Frosted, removable Fresnel lens with 80 mm diameter for high efficiency.
Optional clear Fresnel lens for faster light fall-off and more character.
From 10°-40° zoomable light spread offers individual adjustments of the light beam.
Optional Dedolight® attachment to project gobo’s, patterns and pin spots from a short distance.
Active fan cooling allows continuous use.
Integrated support for filters and optional barn doors.
Bright 300 W halogen model lamp and up to 1200 Ws flash capacity

Profoto Umbrellas

Silver Umbrella

The Silver Umbrella provides focused lighting, along with soft shadow definition. It is especially suitable for bringing out structural details in materials or if a higher light output is needed. The Silver Umbrella is offered in the Small, Medium and Large size.

Translucent Umbrella

The Translucent Umbrella provides diffused lighting around a bright core. The lighting can be varied by changing its distance to the lamp head. Translucent Umbrellas are available in Small and Medium diameters.

White Umbrella

The White Umbrella gives an even diffused lighting effect with soft shadow definition. The closer to the subject the umbrella is placed, the softer the shadow will be. White umbrellas are available in Small, Medium and Large diameters.

Giant Reflectors

Really big reflectors for really glamorous shots. The combination of soft shadows and distinct highlights have made the Profoto extra-large reflectors very popular with leading fashion photographers. We’re now introducing a major new product line, Profoto Giants, which is vastly superior to all previous models.

Profoto are proud to introduce the Profoto Giant. Seven new extra large light shaping tools. The new tools offer truly parabolic reflectors with diameters up to 300 cm (10 ft.) and a range of models to suit every need.

The Profoto Giant Reflectors offer the truly parabolic and focusable silver reflectors in three sizes, 180 cm (6 ft.), 240 cm (8 ft.), and 300 cm (10 ft.), for an extra-wide and at the same time crisp and very even light.

Profoto's 150 and 210 reflectors, often used with the photographer standing in front of the reflector, give you the unique combination of a soft light and still brilliant highlights. Very popular in fashion photography. Very popular also because they are easily setup and dismantled.