Stardom SR4 - 4 bay desktop storage

The SOHORAID SR4-WBS3 is a four drive storage system with JBOD / RAID 5 / RAID 0 storage option for storing contents in large scales. Industrially designed with aluminum exterior that's built tough and durable for hard drive protection of the highest grade.

In JBOD mode, it allows 4 drives to be put into the systemn that show as 4 individual hard drives on the desktop. Ideal for transfer between multiple drives including back-up and archiving.


Stardom i310-WBS3 removable drive chassis

Simple swappable storage

The iTANK i310 is a single bay, removable hard drive enclosure with multiple interfaces - 3G eSATA, Firewire 400 & 800 and USB 3.0 host connectivity. It takes the same hard drive trays as the 2 bay Stardom ST2 unit.

The iTank is perfect for Time Machine backup as well as being able to remove the backup drive and put in another drive for archiving purposes.

Features :

Stardom ST2 2-Bay Storage System

The Stardom ST2 is a great, robust drive enclosure that can take 2 SATA drives at the same time. Two drives mount on the desktop making ideal for archiving files so that they can be stored in two different locations.

It can also be set to RAID 0 so that 2 hard drives are then striped together to form one larger volume. This makes it ideal for a large capacity backup device that can be used with Time Machine.


Hard Drives from Seagate, Western Digital & Hitatchi

We'll help you pick the right drive for the purpose

We supply drives from the leading hard drive manufacturers Seagate, Western Digital & Hitatchi. This means that we can help you select the right model, speed and capacity to suit your exact needs.

Whether it be for online storage, backup or archive, we have the right drive for you and can help you select the right case for it to go in.

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