Cambo WRC-400 Technical Camera


The Wide Compact is ideal for photographers who want to travel as light as possible but still be able to produce the highest quality images.

To reduce the size the Wide Compact offers movements in one plane, so the user can shift vertically or horizontally depending on which way the camera is mounted.

Product code 02-99164000

The Wide Compact body has the same accessory system support on all four sides, each accepting either one or two handgrips, a tripod mount, viewfinder, iPhone holder or the WRS-1090 Compendium.

The Wide Compact body accepts Hasselblad, MamiyaLeaf, Phase One and Sinar digital backs. Mounts are available for digital backs with Hasselblad V-series and H-series interface, as well as PhaseOne XF/Mamiya 645DF, Contax 645AF, Leaf AFi and Sinar HY6.

It also accepts the full range of WDS lens panels that incorporate the Schneider Digitar and Rodenstock Digaron lenses. Choose from focal lengths ranging from 23mm up to 180mm and more on request.

The combination of perspective control, Cambo’s optional tilt/swing lenspanels and stitching possibilties provide the photographer with a wealth of possibilities with this small and lightweight camera platform.

The Wide Compact can be used on a tripod or handheld for more spontaneous shooting situations. It also features six built-in spirit levels, an accelerated gear drive for the movements, cable release, optional accessory shoes for viewfinders or an iPhone holder and hooks for a neck strap. The tripod mount has 3/8" and 1/4" thread.

Key Features:
• Small size 120 x 145mm (W x H) excl. handgrips and tripod mount
• Lightweight only 0.5 kgs (excl. lens, excl.handgrip, excl. tripod mount)
• Horizontal shift 40 mm (20 mm left/20 mm right)
• or Vertical shift 40 mm (20 mm left/20 mm right)
• Stitching possibilities (2-way)
• Milimeter scales for movements
• Movement indicators on rear sides
• Compatible with WDS and Wide RS
• Option for handgrips for steady holding
• Removable cable release included
• Removable 3/8" tripod mount (25 mm)
• 6 spirit levels visible from top or bottom
• Accessory mount for 2 point fixed accessories 4-sided
• Optional WTS Tilt-Swing Lenspanels
• Optional Viewfinder
• Optional Wooden handgrips
• Broad range of optics
• Retrofitting of user lenses offered

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