Cam 99164290


Cambo WTSX-90 Rodenstock 90mm f5.6 HR Digaron-SW Tilt/Swing Lenspanel (with Short Barrel & Spacer) with Phase One X-Shutter for Wide-RS


The WTSX-90 Lenspanel is dedicated to the use with the Cambo Wide RS series cameras along with Phase One IQ4 Digital Backs and has a Rodenstock 5.6/90 HR Digaron-SW lens with Phase One X-Shutter mounted in a helical focusing mount.

This version has a split back focal length, existing of a shorter lensplate and a rear extension unit.

This combination allows for optimised shift without vignetting from the lensbarrel.

This lenspanel features an integrated tilt and swing mechanism which can be operated with two precise gear-driven knobs upto 5 degrees Tilt up and down and 5 degrees Swing left and right, while both swing and tilt can be set independently, separately but also in combination.

The movements have a clear and forced zero position where the parallel setting to the focal plane is guaranteed.

- Angle of view: 67°
- f-top range: 5.6 - 45 (recommended 5.6 - 11)
- Image Circle: 120mm
- Front filter thread: 72mm
- Push on Cap: 75mm
- Rear mount diameter: 56mm

Not compatible with Phase One XT

Product code CAM-99164290

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