Cambo AC-324 Compendium / Lenshood for Rodenstock HR 32mm (without centrefilter)


This compendium lenshood is designed to fit on to a lens with a front element diameter of 90mm.

The hood is self-supporting and can be extracted, compressed or rotated depending on the required shading.

It is made of lightweight material and is mounted with one synthetic thumbscrew to avoid any damage to the lens ring.

Suits lenses:
- Rodenstock HR Digaron 32mm
- Cambo ACTAR-24

Product code CAM-99050324

This compendium can easily be rotated -while mounted- from landscape to portrait shading position and features a self supporting bellows that can be accommodated to the correct extension, offering enough shading without vignetting.

Adjustable positioning and one-knob fixation of the front bellows allow for quick and easy lens changes. Mounting the WRS-1090 Compendium to a WideRS with Accessory shoe on the top requires the WRS-1095 Hot Shoe Adapter. Mounting the WRS-1090 Compendium to the WideRS Anniversary Edition requires the WRS-1096 Step-up Adapter.

The WRS-1090 will accept either the WRS-1060 iPhone Adapter, or WRS-1075 Accessory Shoe Holder, or WRS-1080 to be mounted on top of it.

This WRS-1090 is now available with a Filter Slot, accepting 4x4" as well as 100x100mm filters, ranging from 1mm to 3.5mm thickness . This allows the user to easily insert a ND filter during live focussing or insert an opaque filter for creating a LCC correction with active shading, as an example of use.

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