Cambo WRS Rear Lens Covers are shipping now!

Posted on August 07, 2019 by Rory Shinners

If you have a Cambo WRS, WRC or WDS technical camera, you may have had the issue of having difficulty removing the rear lens cap.

Especially on some of those longer lenses where the rear lens cap is deep or almost the width of the lens panel it can be a real pain removing the lens cap in the field.

Many have resorted to making a sort of gaffer tape hook on their rear lens cap, or not even bothered putting the cap back on ever again.

Happily Cambo have created an elegant answer: the Cambo WRS-1100 rear lens cover for Cambo Wide lens panels!

It is a cover that completely covers the rear of the lens preventing unwanted dust and has a greater chance of protecting against accidental damage.

Specular is taking orders for these now. Call us on 03 9091 2111 or 02 7922 3833.

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