Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mm f4.0-5.6 Zoom lens for Phase One

A lens worth waiting for!

The 40-80mm f/4.0-5.6 LS lens is the perfect companion for the location photographer that demands optimum quality. This lens delivers outstanding image quality throughout the entire zoom range and boasts an optical performance more associated with the best prime lenses.


50 megapixel, 6400 ISO, 1.2 frames per second, 1 hour exposures... AMAZING!

Phase One IQ250 medium format camera system

The Phase One IQ250 is the epitome of capture versatility. It offers outstanding image quality at 50 megapixel resolution throughout its entire ISO range from 100 to 6400.

We have seen the IQ250 in action, reviewed the files and we are really impressed. 6400 ISO files are actually very good!

Here's some of the new features of the Phase One IQ250 digital back :

Available to ship... today! Call now for a demo or to hire!

For more information, a demo or pricing, contact us : Specular 03 9091 2111 or click here to send an email.


Portable, powerful, cordless lighting... with TTL

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL battery powered monolight

The Profoto B1 500 AirTTL flash unit is a battery powered flash that is up to 10 time more powerful than a speedlight. It has a long lasting swappable and rechargable Li-Ion battery for all day operation if needed. It also has in-built wireless control and triggering along with through the lens (TTL) metering meaning you can get the perfect exposure every time. The unit is also triggered from the AirTTL remote (or Air Remote) and power settings, modelling lamp usage and powering unit on and off can be control from the remote on your camera.

Here's some of the new features of the Profoto B1 :

Profoto B1 units have arrived. Call now for a demo or to hire!

For more information, a demo or pricing, contact us : Specular 03 9091 2111 or click here to send an email.


Phase One 645DF+ with IQ280 or IQ260 - great combination

The Phase One 645DF+ camera is the most versatile camera platform for high-end photography. This camera offers you unparalleled control, performance, precision and reliability and lets you focus on creativity.

Here's some of the features of the 645DF+ camera with IQ2 series backs :

For more information, a demo or pricing or to hire, contact us : Specular 03 9091 2111 or email us .


Profoto D1 monolights - State of the art. Super performance in a small, affordable package.

Professional photographers today need durable, tough, fast and consistant flash units suited for digital photography and demanding assignments.

Demo units and units for Hire - here NOW!. For more information, email us or give us a call - Specular: 03 9091 2111.


Latest News

Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) training

Digital Assistants & Technicians : Receive the training and skills you need to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One software on the most demanding of jobs.

When: Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th July 2014

Click here for more info

Advanced Phase One Training Workshop

Photographers & Digital Technicians : A workshop for expanding your knowledge in the use of the Phase One system and digital backs and Capture One 7 software.

When: Thursday 31st July 2014. Cost $165

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Profoto - B1 Location Kit

Profoto now have the B1 500 Air TTL Location kit. The kit contains :
• 2 x Profoto B1 500 AirTTL units with battery
• 1 x Fast Charger & 1 x Car Charger
• BackPack M

Now in Stock! Click here for more.


Finally... the new Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro units have started arriving. Demo units are now in our showroom. Fast processing power, awesome graphics, super fast storage, super quiet... it ticks all the boxes!

To be contacted about an appropriate configuration , or to have a demo click here or call 03 9091 2111.


Profoto - XL Umbrella - Awesome light!

Profoto have released an XL Umbrella. It's a 165cm giant parabolic umbrella that attaches to any head via the umbrella socket.
Available in Silver or White with optional Diffuser.

Now in Stock! Click here for more.