What is Profoto AIR?

Profoto AIR is the radio control built in to modern Profoto lights.

Traditionally the most reliable way to trigger a flash from a camera was to run a cable "sync cord", and as good as it works, cables also get int the way. 

Profoto were not impressed with existing wireless options such as optical, infrared, wifi or bluetooth triggering, so developed their own radio transmission protocol, and their flash packs and heads are now equiped with built-in AIR capability. 

With the AIR system it is possible to control the flash power, turn lights on and off, turn on modelling lights, and of course reliably fire your flash.

What is Profoto AirTTL?

The Profoto AirTTL system is the latest generation of Profoto AIR radio flash triggering, which adds the ability to integrate with your camera's light metering capability using TTL, and synchronise above your cameras X-Sync speed with High Speed Sync (HSS).

What is TTL and HSS in Profoto lights and remotes?