Phase One launches the IQ4

Posted on August 28, 2018

The new generation of digital back from Phase One is the most exciting and dramatic in recent years, and not just because of the astonishing 151 megapixel BSI sensor option!

Iq4 Product Image Hero Paloma Rincon Crop

The team at Phase One showed their true colours with the release of the XF Camera and it’s “platform” approach. Since launch XF users have received substantial upgrades to the function of their cameras, with Feature Update #3 and Feature Update #4 the most recent. 

The same design philosophy appears to be at the heart of IQ4, with what Phase One are calling the Infinity Platform, with Capture One built directly into the back. While the IQ4 looks mostly the same as it's predecessors on the outside, the truth is this is an entirely new system with some pretty phenomenal new capabilities.

At launch the features are already notable, but it's important to remember that like the XF Camera there will be substantial new features rolling out over time. Keep checking this blog or sign up to our mailing list to keep in the loop!

IQ4 Highlights

  • New 150MP, 100MP Trichromatic, and 150MP Achromatic models
  • Capture One built-in to the back
  • New screen multi-touch including pinch-to-zoom
  • Even better live view with live histogram and focus mask
  • Bluetooth built in for camera control from portable devices
  • Support for WiFi, ethernet, and USB-C tethering
  • Multiple card slots (XQD & SD)
  • Use your existing XF camera or technical camera with M645 mount

Clearly the show-stopper out of the gate is the all new 150 megapixel BSI sensor variants. BSI stands for Backside Illuminated, and this type of sensor offers some serious improvements over previous. Despite cramming 23% more pixels into the same sensor size, we actually get better ISO and noise performance, as well as incredible live view and faster shot rates.

We are taking orders now, and expect the first units to ship in late October 2018. 

Contact us in Melbourne or Sydney for information about the IQ4, or to discuss upgrade options from Phase One or other medium format backs.

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