BenQ Photographer Monitors

A range of hardware calibrated monitors designed for photographers.

The monitor you use is the gateway to your images. Don't settle for a generic computer monitor; these are set up to be as bright and contrasty as possible to look good in a store.

Generally your eyes will strain and you cannot be sure the colour is accurate and consistent.

Recommended BenQ photography monitors:

BenQ SW270C 27" LED QHD Monitor
BenQ SW271 27" LED 4K Monitor
BenQ SW320 32" LED 4K Monitor

All three of our recommended BenQ photography monitors feature hardware calibration, wide colour gamut, an IPS panel for excellent viewing angles and consistency, plus they all ship with a monitor hood to keep stray light from reflecting on the screen.

BenQ SW270C

This is the most affordable colour accurate 27" monitor in the range and offers great "bang-for-buck" with simple USB-C connectivity for simple data, video, and even power throughput from any current Mac.

It features "QHD" resolution (that means 2K in marketing speak) - so plenty of pixels for your pixel peeping!

If you are just starting out taking your photography seriously grab one of these and don't look back.

BenQ SW271

In the 27 inch monitor size, BenQ offer up the SW271 as a 4K resolution option. Some people can't live without all that pixel density, and we say go for it!

The real benefit of 4K is extra working space: you can choose to set up your toolbars in Capture One or Photoshop to take up less room.

It also features USB-C for fewer cables in your workspace.

It is a great option at a really attractive price.

BenQ SW320

If 27 inch screen real-estate just isn't cutting it anymore then the SW320 is definitely worth a look.

The 31.5" panel with 4K resolution is a dream to work on. Watch out though because once you use a monitor this big you many never want to go back!

While it doesn't feature USB-C, it does have a multitude of video inputs and fast device switching.

If you can justify the extra $400 it comes strongly recommended.

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