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- Phase One XT IQ4 150MP Camera System with XT - Rodenstock Lens


Designed for convenience and engineered for precision, the travel-friendly XT Camera System fits easily into your lifestyle. It pairs an intuitive interface with the unparalleled technology and image quality for which Phase One is known. The XT offers you total control over the shooting workflow, and absolute freedom to focus on your creative process. As beautiful as it is powerful, the XT pioneers new opportunities for you to seek, capture and share the extraordinary.

Kit includes your choice of 23mm, 32mm or 50mm XT Rodenstock Lens.

Product code 01-72308

Phase One XT Camera System: Seek extraordinary

This kit includes the Phase One XT Camera paired with an IQ4 150MP digital back, and your choice of XT - Rodenstock Lens:
XT - Rodenstock 23mm f5.6 HR Digaron-S Lenspanel with Electromagnetic shutter
XT - Rodenstock 32mm f4.0 HR Digaron-W Lenspanel with Electromagnetic shutter
XT - Rodenstock 50mm f4.0 HR Digaron-W Lenspanel with Electromagnetic shutter


Phase One IQ4 150MP digital back with:

  • 151 megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor
  • Full frame medium format (1.5x the size of crop sensor mirrorless medium format)
  • 16-Bit
  • 15 F-stops dynamic range
  • ISO from 50 - 25,600
  • 3.2" multi-touch display
  • Advanced tethering including WiFi, Ethernet, & USB-C
  • Capture One inside for processing and file management versatility
  • Dual card storage (XQD & SD)
  • Modular design can be paired with a Phase One XF Camera

Phase One XT Camera with:

  • Dual action programmable shutter release
  • Horizontal & vertical shift of ±12mm
  • Quick rotation from landscape to portrait orientation without removing from tripod
  • Detachable tripod mount for easy hand-holding
  • Arca-Swiss style tripod mount
  • XT lens mount with 14-pin electronic interface (also suits Cambo WRS mount without electronics)

Phase One XT - Rodenstock X-Shutter lenses with:

  • Large image circles (70-100mm)
  • Shutter speed from 1/1000s - 60min (shutter speed set on digital back)
  • Electromagnetic shutter tested to 500,000+ actuations
  • Carbon fibre shutter blades
  • Five curved aperture blades (aperture set on digital back)
  • Precision ultra-fine manual helical focus drive
  • Detachable/reposition-able focussing clamp

Contents of the XT Camera System package


Pelican Storm IM2500 Suitcase including:

Removable Camera Insert - Medium Size

  • XT IQ4 150MP Camera System and Rodenstock 23mm, 32mm or 70mm (depending on choice)
  • Capture One Pro Key Card
  • Warranty Card
  • 2 batteries for the IQ4 digital back
  • 64 GB XQD Card
  • 64 GB SD Card
  • Service tool

Removable Camera Insert - Small Size

  • EVA Accessories Case containing:
    • Visible Dust Sensor Cleaning Kit
    • Phase One Microfiber Cloth
    • Gray Cards
    • System Covers
    • XQD/SD Card Reader
    • Phase One LCC plate 140mm in neoprene pouch
  • EVA Cables Case containing:
    • TetherPro USB C to C cable
    • TetherPro USB A to C cable
    • Ethernet Cable
    • HDMI Cable
  • EVA Power Case containing:
    • Hähnel Pro Cube 2 Charger
    • Power Supply with 5 International outlet adaptors
  • Laptop Sunshade Compartment
    • Extra dividers
    • Phase One Velcro Name Tags
    • Black-out cloth for Sunshade

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