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- Phase One XT - 70mm Rodenstock HR Digaron-W f5.6 Tilt Lens


For Landscape & Cityscape photographers, the Phase One XT 5° Tilt panel allows for greater depth of field control, utalizing the large image circle of the Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm Lens. The additional depth of field control, coupled with the 12mm shift capabilities of the XT Camera, provides consistent and diffraction free focus from foreground to infinity, all in one shot.

The Rodenstock 70mm HR Digaron-W is a normal focal length lens with impeccable image quality and a large image circle.

Mounted with an XT Electro-Magnetic Shutter allows for up to 1/1000s shutter speed.

— Angle of view: 70°
— 5° tilt
— f-stop range: 5.6 - 32 (recommended 5.6 - 8)
— Image Circle: 100mm
— Front filter thread: 58mm
— Push on Cap: 60mm
— Focusing System: Ultra fine manual focus
— minimum focusing distance: 80cm
— Shutter speed: 1/1000 - 1s (X-Shutter) 1/4000 - 60min (IQ4 Electronic Shutter)
— Dimension: 107 x 107 x 80mm
— Weight: 750g

Product code P1-73338

Phase One XT 70mm lens: Seek extraordinary

Known for their great resolving power and contrast even at large apertures, the optical design of Rodenstock HR lenses reduces diffraction and colour noise, even at the pixel density of the IQ4 150MP, providing further flexibility to the full frame medium format sensor.

With Rodenstock as a strategic partner, the introduction of these exclusive, digitally integrated lenses is only the beginning of the XT Camera System lens range. Now with the XT 70mm lens, the 70°field of view will get you closer to the subject to provide micro detailed images. It also has a very large image circle meaning that it can utilise the full extent of the shift movement on the the XT camera allowing for multi image panoramic stitching.

The XT lens family now stands with the current 23mm, 32mm Tilt, 40mm Tilt, 50mm Tilt, 70mm & 90mm lenses. There is a focal length longer than 100mm in the works, more details on this as they come to hand.

At the heart of the XT – Rodenstock HR lenses is the X-Shutter. The X-Shutter is an intelligently integrated and electronically controlled shutter, born out of Phase One’s industrial applications and experience. The X-Shutter is purpose-built for the XT Camera System to allow for finer control in a smaller form factor. Powered by the IQ4, the X-Shutter shares in the ambition of the Infinity Platform for future growth and flexibility.

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