Upgrading the Phase One XF Autofocus Sensor

Posted on September 08, 2017

Two years ago Phase One launched the XF Camera System with the promise that it would form a foundation for photographers for the long term. Since then, they have delivered update after update to the platform with some pretty amazing software releases. Now for the first time they are offering a hardware component upgrade, with a new version of the Honeybee Autofocus Platform; HAP-2.

The HAP-2 Autofocus system offers some serious bump in performance in our tests, and this is reflected in the technical data from Phase One showing a more than 2.5 stops more light sensitive in low light conditions, and 1 stop more dynamic range sensitivity in high key scenes. Locking focus in lower light and with lower contrast objects is really fantastic.

All current XF owners who are interested in upgrading should contact us at our Melbourne showroom on 03 9091 2111 for an upgrade quote. Cameras will be sent back to Phase One to complete the work and the hardware supply will be quite restricted at first as we expect demand to be very high!

NB. For any new XF camera purchased after 1 August 2017 HAP-2 will be standard, (if you’ve already taken delivery we will book in your upgrade at a convenient time for you).

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