Phase One XF Camera System Feature Update #4

Posted on September 15, 2017

The Fourth Evolution of the XF Camera System

Coming on the back of the recent HAP-2 upgrade for the Phase One XF (see our previous post below), this software update to the XF really highlights the camera platform’s ability to grow. 

The new firmware adds a bunch of great features, including some significant autofocus tools, but also remote shutter options and several other changes.

Read on to learn about the new features, you can download the new firmware from Phase One.

If you have any questions about the update or want us to do it for you, give us a call on 03 9091 2111.

Key Updates

Auto Focus & Re-Compose mode
Using the 3D sensors already built into the XF Camera System this feature allows you to lock focus on a subject and recompose naturally. The camera will use a predictive algorithm to log and anticipate your movement adjusting the focus as you work. In our first tests with the feature we repeatedly nailed focus in challenging conditions, and with the audio feedback had real confidence that the system was delivering sharp images even at f/2.8. We didn’t think it was possible to love the XF system more! This feature currently works with a handful of lenses and will be progressively rolled out for the entire Blue Ring lens range.

Zoom to Focus
To compliment the new AF Re-Compose feature, the camera can also automatically zoom the preview on your digital back to the spot you were actually focussing on instead of just the centre point. This makes it a breeze to rapidly confirm focus after a shot.

Focus Trim Tool
Focus trimming lenses in the XF has been a great way to maximise the performance of the system, and we do it for many of our clients. Now Phase One are offering their own focus chart, and this significantly speeds up the process through automation and in camera walk-throughs built into this software update.

Focus Nudge
Set one of the camera dials to operate as a mechanical micro focus adjustment after autofocusing.

Automatic Focus Stack Calculation
Taking into account the pixel density of the digital back you use, the system will automatically calculate the optimum number of images it needs to build a completely sharp stacked image.

Vibration Analysis & Infinite Vibration Delay
These options push the seismograph capabilities of the camera to the next level of precision for really demanding capture requirements.

Capture Analysis Popup Control
Like other settings in the XF, you can now customise what feedback you see regarding exposure, vibration or flash output after an exposure.

Profoto Remote Camera Triggering
Use any Profoto Air Remote to fire the camera on an independent channel, while maintaining the camera’s existing ability to control and fire using it’s internal Profoto Air Remote wireless radio trigger.

External Shutter on IQ in electronic Shutter mode
The capability of the Electronic Shutter on IQ3 100 series backs (including the Achromatic and Trichromatic backs) allows you to fire the camera without a single moving part. Now you can do that without touching the camera either! Just plug a compatible external shutter release cable directly into the back.

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