Mamiya RZ67 Pro, Pro II and Pro IID - An oldie but a goodie!

Posted on September 03, 2021 by Rory Shinners

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro series cameras are making a comeback.... a great combination with digital backs!

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The Mamiya RZ 67 Pro series, not just for film!

The RZ67 platform is seeing a resurgence in the photography community for those seeking a robust "proper" camera with beautiful optics that can shoot both film and digital.

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID released in 2004, as the natural evolution of the legendary RZ67 Pro II. Because of its large 6x7cm format negative size (over four and a half times larger than 35mm), it was the industry standard previously used by many of today's most renowned photographers and artists.

From it's legendary 6x7cm ideal format, to its unique revolving film back, the RZ67 earned the respect of professional photographers around the world. The RZ67 Pro IID was created to mesh the new generation of digital backs and film medium format cameras. It contained advanced microprocessor technology for traditional film capture, while enabling direct communication of many camera functions to digital capture backs through its MSC (Mamiya Serial Communication) system.

The use of digital backs is easy - through direct, digital communication with the camera body. Compatible digital backs include :

• Phase One IQ1, IQ2 & IQ3 digital backs (IQ3 100MP, IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP, IQ3 50MP, IQ280, IQ180, IQ260, IQ250, IQ160, IQ150, IQ140)

• Phase One P & P+ series digital backs (P65+, P40+, P45+, P30+, P25+, P20+ as well P-Series backs)

• Leaf Credo (Credo 40, Credo 50, Credo 60, Credo 80)

• Leaf Aptus II (APTUS II 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 or 10R)

• Mamiya ZD Back

Also notable are the RZ's ultra-high performance lenses, and multi-format versatility. Distinctive features include a convenient revolving back, bellows focusing, large, bright viewfinder, and an extensive system of accessories.

RZ67 Pro IID - Great for Digital & Film Imaging

Offering the same exclusive features of its legendary predecessors, the RZ67 Pro IID shares all the same unique world-class features of the RZ67 Pro II, but includes digital back communication. It incorporates MSC technology that allows wireless communication between the camera and digital backs. The following functions are communicated to and from the camera and compatible digital back:

  • Shutter speed
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Shutter release
  • Number of images stored on the remaining storage device
  • Status of the camera body and the attached digital back

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID's modular component system and MSC technology made it one of the most sought after camera systems by photographers. It had a wide selection of interchangeable lenses, prisms and focusing screens, interchangeable film backs (including Polaroid), or digital capture backs, offering photographers the possibility to choose the right tools for the job. Manual or motorized film advance plus many useful accessories made the RZ67 Pro IID the ideal image capture solution for digital and film workflow.

RZ67 Pro IID - Rugged and flexible

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID combines rugged hybrid mechanical design with the most desirable electronic features of sophisticated TTL A/S Matrix Metering, precision timed electromagnetic leaf shutter operation, consistent from lens to lens, and auto wind and remote control option. A 1/400 second mechanical override is provided in case of battery failure.

With multi-format capability, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID offers an impressive choice of interchangeable film magazines including 6x4.5cm and 6x7cm, Quadra 72, economical 6x7cm pre-loadable film inserts, plus a Polaroid Instant Proofing back.

Mamiya RZ Pro IID has been considered a versatile, modular camera system for the most demanding commercial photographic applications including advertising, illustration, fashion, beauty, industrial, portrait and architecture. Mamiya RZ Series lenses have ultra-precision timed, fully synched, electromagnetic leaf shutters, with specialty optics including Shift, variable flat field Macro, Zoom, Fisheye, and a spectacular series of telephoto APO lenses.

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID system includes an interchangeable waist level finder (standard), eye level prism, and an advanced RZ II AE Prism Finder with Mamiya's exclusive A/S Matrix Metering System for spot, average or matrix measurement in manual or aperture priority automatic mode. Its electronically timed 1/2 step shutter speed accuracy in manual, and with the RZ II AE Prism Finder 1/6 step accuracy in auto mode yields perfect exposures even with synched flash for outdoor fill-in. In addition to a wide assortment of interchangeable film magazines, inserts and backs, other system accessories include motorized film and shutter advance with Winder II, interchangeable focusing screens, variable diopter eyepiece magnifier, extension tubes and remote control. Also, Mamiya RB67 series lenses, finders, and many accessories are fully compatible with the RZ Pro IID.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Features

  • 6x7cm format
  • Revolving back
  • Bellows focusing
  • Waist Level or Prism Finder
  • Full Speed Flash Sync 1/400 sec
  • Electronic Shutter Setting in 1/2 step Increments
  • Precision 1/6 step Exposure Setting in AE modes
  • Safety Interlock and Audible Warning System
  • Single Action Rapid Advance Lever or Optional Motor Winder
  • Easy Mirror Lock-Up and Multi-Exposure
  • Interchangeable Film Magazines
  • Electronic Interface with Auto Indexing For all Lenses and Film Magazines
  • Interchangeable Focusing Screens
  • AE Matrix Metering and Auto Fill Flash Capability
  • All accessories for the RZ Pro IID (except the RZ adapter for the Mamiya ZD digital back) are compatible with the RZ Pro II.

Download Datasheet PDF about Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID (2MB)

Download Instruction Manual PDF Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Instructions (6MB)

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Mamiya RZ67 Lenses

Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today's foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results both on film and digital.

Engineers at Mamiya developed rigorous performance criteria for each lens design. No detail was overlooked. No test was omitted. The goal is technical perfection...The result is a series of lenses which have set the new world-standard of performance. Each lens element is precisely polished and coated using Mamiya's proprietary multi-coating process to increase light transmission, dramatically reduce flare, ensure crisp, clean whites and vibrant, yet natural colours.

Mamiya engineers and inspectors continuously tested as the lens was assembled to insure flawless quality. The result is a lens designed so carefully, built so meticulously, that it consistently renders extraordinary performance. It is Mamiya's unique balance of extreme sharpness, brilliant contrast, accurate and consistent colour fidelity and overall high performance that captures the imagination of contemporary photographers who choose Mamiya to express their personal visions.

Mamiya lenses established themselves as the benchmark by which others were measured.

The following lenses are available for the Mamiya RZ67 :

Mamiya-Sekor Z 37mm f/4.5 (Fisheye)
Mamiya-Sekor Z 50mm f/4.5W
Mamiya-Sekor M 50mm f/4.5L ULD L
Mamiya-Sekor Z 65mm f/4
Mamiya-Sekor M 65mm f/4.0 L-A
Mamiya-Sekor M 75mm f/3.5 L
Mamiya-Sekor Z 75mm f/4.5 W Shift
Mamiya-Sekor Z 90mm f/3.5 W
Mamiya-Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8 W
Mamiya-Sekor Z 127mm f/3.5 W
Mamiya-Sekor M 140mm f/4.5 Macro
Mamiya-Sekor M 140mm f/4.5 M/L-A Macro
Mamiya-Sekor Z 150mm f/3.5 W
Mamiya-Sekor Z 180mm f/4.5 W
Mamiya-Sekor Z 180mm f/4.5 W-N
Mamiya-Sekor M 180mm f/4 D/L Soft
Mamiya-Sekor Z 210mm f/4.5 APO
Mamiya-Sekor Z 250mm f/4.5 W
Mamiya-Sekor Z 250mm f/4.5 APO
Mamiya-Sekor Z 360mm f/6.0
Mamiya-Sekor Z 350mm f/5.6 APO
Mamiya Z 500mm f/8
Mamiya-Sekor Z 500mm f/6 APO
Mamiya-Sekor Zoom 100-200mm f/5.2 W

Mamiya-Sekor SB Tilt-Shift Lenses (Short Barrel)

Mamiya-Sekor M 75mm f/4.5L SB (Short Barrel) for Tilt-Shift adaptor
Mamiya-Sekor M 180mm f/4.5L SB (Short Barrel) for Tilt-Shift adaptor

Mamiya macro extension tube 1
Mamiya macro extension tube 2
Mamiya Extension Tube NA703 for Short Barrel Lenses
Mamiya Tele-Converter 1.4

Key to Mamiya RZ Lens designations

L-A: Lenses with a floating lens element system (FLE).
APO: (apochromatic) lenses that have been corrected for chromatic aberrations caused by different wavelengths of light
W: Lenses with a wide aperture ring that has additional 1/2 stop markings.
N: Lenses that have a “new barrel” construction, which is a Tessar design with four elements in three groups. The only lens covered by this configuration in the Mamiya RZ lens collection is the 180mm f/4.5W-N.
SB: Short Barrel tilt-shift lenses that need an adapter to be used at infinity.
M: Lenses initially made for the RB Pro SD system (KL type) and adapted for the RZ cameras.

Rz67 Pro Iid Hx701 Db Exploded 02
Digital backs on Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID

Phase One Digital backs (P, P+ and IQ series) can be used on the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID through the use of an adaptor plate.

Phase One Mamiya 645 mounted digital backs are compatible for use with the Pro IID.

Supported digital backs include Phase One IQ3, IQ2, IQ1, P+ and P series. IQ4 is not supported at this stage (but see below for a work around).

The key points for this configuration are:

  • Phase One IQ1, IQ2 & IQ3, P, P+ and series backs for Mamiya/Phase One 645 can be used (Mamiya HX701 also known as Mamiya 212-107 and 524320, also available in a kit from Phase One including host cable and viewfinder masks - Phase One item number 70994).
  • This configuration does not require any sync cables
  • Capture from computer through Capture One is only supported if the host trigger cable is connected (50300189).
  • Maximum exposure time is 60 seconds according to the RZ67 PRO II D manual (55 + 5 sec)

Download Mamiya HX701 English Instructions, User Guide & Manual PDF (6MB)

But I have a Hasselblad V mount digital back, can I use a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID?

Yes. The key points for this configuration are:

  • The Mamiya RZ Pro IID body must have an adjustment made by an authorised Mamiya service agent. The rear mount which interferes with the mounting of V mount back adapter is exchanged (Mamiya service part number Y22995-RZ)
  • A different adaptor plate is required than that pictured here (see Digital Backs on Mamiya RZ Pro II below) (using Phase One adaptor plate 70964 for V mount digital backs)
  • However the RZ PRO IID is only officially supported with the M645AF mount (Mamiya HX701 also known as Mamiya 212-107 and 524320, also available in a kit from Phase One including host cable and viewfinder masks - Phase One item number 70994)
  • Host Capture is supported with the Hasselblad V Adaptor (capture from keyboard)

Rz67 Pro Ii Db Exploded

Digital backs on Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Phase One Digital backs (P, P+ and IQ series) can be used on the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II through the use of an adaptor plate.

Phase One Hasselblad V series mounted digital backs are compatible for use with the Pro II.

  • The key points for this configuration are:

    • Phase One P, P+ & IQ series with Hasselblad V fitting can be used on the Mamiya RZ PRO II by use of the RZ adapter from Phase One (Item number 70964).
    • There are 2 cables on the adapter, where the fixed cable is mounted on the Mamiya body and the removeable cable is mounted to the lens
    • This removeable cable (part no. 50300077) can be exchanged if necessary.

But I have a Phase One back with a Mamiya 645 fitting, can I use a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II?

Yes. The key points for this configuration are:

NB: New versions of the adapter plate have a small notch cut out to not interfere with the dark slide (see image below), however Mamiya warn that as the HX701 has electric contacts, the plate may cause interference with the camera body potentially causing damage.

Note, to avoid potential damage:

  • The Mamiya RZ67 PRO II needs to be modified in a local Mamiya centre. (2 small notches have to be made affecting dark slide sensor)
  • Once this modification has been done - the camera body cannot be used with a film cassette
  • This modification requires the back to be in 2-shot mode. However, for optimal use, workflow and functionality is is suggested that you use the latest RZ67 PRO II D body where full functionality, metadata and 1 shot mode is supported.

Hx701 Mk Ii Mag

Digital backs on Mamiya RZ67 Pro

Mamiya RZ67 PRO MK I will work via the Phase One Mamiya Adapter (Item No. 70964). This requires a Phase One digital back with Hasselblad V mount.

Host capture is supported when used with a motor drive on the camera body.

There are 2 cables on the adapter, where the fixed cable is mounted on the Mamiya body and the removable cable is mounted to the lens.

This removable cable (part no. 50300077) can be exchanged if necessary.

Digital backs on Mamiya RB67

Hasselblad V fitting- P/P+ series with Hasselblad V-fitting can be used with the Mamiya RB by way of the Mamiya RB Adapter from Phase One. (item number: 70995) Please see pages 58-59 in the Phase One P Reference Manual & User Guide (2MB) for more info.

Other - Mamiya RB lenses can be used with RZ PRO IID

1. Dial around shutter-release button must be in orange mode = mechanical

2. A wake up cable from lens to back.

3. Shutter dial on RZ body set to RBL setting.

Press button on wake up cable and then press trigger. Image will show on screen.

How do I see only what I am capturing through the Viewfinder?

As an RZ67 is 6x7, the sensors on the various digital backs mean that a smaller area is being captured.

To facilitate with framing, Phase One have produced masks to suit the various digital backs. This acetate mask is placed neatly onto of the ground glass in the viewfinder, it has outlines showing the framing for the specific digital back.

Mask sizes include:

Full frame for IQ4, IQ3 100MP, IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP, IQ280, IQ260, IQ160 and P65+.
1.1 crop for P45+, P45, P25+, P25, H25
1.3 crop for IQ3 50MP, IQ250, IQ150, IQ140, P40+, P30+, P21+, P30, P21.
Square crop for P20+, P20, H20
1.5 crop for LightPhase, H5 & H10

Rz67 Mask Banner

I really want to use my Phase One IQ4 with a Mamiya RZ Pro IID, how can I do it?

The Phase One IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 digital backs had a menu option to select use with the camera type Mamiya RZ67, the IQ4 digital backs do not have this menu option. It is possible to bypass the mechanical shutter in the lens and utilise the Electronic Shutter on the IQ4 digital back. This means that you cannot use it with flash lighting.

Please be aware that your final image quality is ultimately determined by the quality of the lens that you use - not all lenses are created equal!

If you absolutely want to be able to use a Phase One IQ4 digital back on a Mamiya RZ PRO IID you will need the following components:
- Phase One IQ4 digtal back
- Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID camera and lens
- Mamiya HX701 digital back adaptor

The shooting process is:
- Put the Phase One IQ4 digtal back into ES (Electronic Shutter) mode (on main screen, swipe up > menu > Camera > Electronic Shutter > On)
- Set your required aperture on the lens
- If you go into Live View on the IQ4 you will not see an image
- Cock the lens using the winder on the camera body
- Switch the lens to Timed exposure mode (T slide switch on the lens)
- Release the shutter button on the camera (you can now go into Live View mode and see an image and even focus your image, use focus peaking and see that your exposure is correct)
- On the IQ4 main screen, set your Meta Data (aperture) so you know what Aperture you selected on the lens (recorded in the Meta Data in the file captured)
- Set your desired shutter speed / exposure time and ISO
- Press the Shutter button on the digital back

For the best results, on the IQ4, leave the Black Calibration on. For a simpler workflow, turn off the Balck Calibration. Be aware the image quality may be less when not using a Black Calibration.

When you want to go back to shooting normally, switch the Time exposure slide on the lens back to normal.

More information and availability

Please contact us for more information regarding second hand Mamiya RZ67 Pro series systems and lenses.

Melbourne 03 9091 2111

Sydney 02 7922 3833

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