Avenger H2012 Butterfly/Overhead Foldaway Scrim Frame - 12x12 ft (3.6m x 3.6m)


This unique overhead 12x12' frame allows rapid fold-out and set-up, ready to mount on stands in seconds. Precisely engineered, the hinged connection points will easily fold to move the frame from set to set or through doorways without having to remove the fabric. This is the evolution of the standard version because it allows the frame to be folded smaller. The two Type 2 Rabbit Ears which are included allow for the frame to be attached to two grip heads, and the grip heads can be attached to a variety of stands.

Scrim frames and scrims have a wide variety of uses in photography and videography. Generally speaking, they assist with modifying various light sources - depending on the material used.

For 12x12' textiles and scrims.

Collapsible but rigid aluminium frame - Transport Dimensions: 374 x 15 x 3cm
• Resistant to rust so ideal for outdoors
• Rapid assembly
• Includes Type 2 (Rabbit) Ears (to be attached to Grip Heads)
• Weight: 17.6 kg

Frame only, stands and fabric not included.

Product code AVE-H2012

* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

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