KUPO 620M Wide Base High Overhead Stand With Levelling Leg 6.3m


The 620M is ideal when you need to rig an overhead frame. The maximum height for this very tall stand is 6.33m. The stand is constructed from steel and has metal knobs and locking collars and a wide footprint for extra stability. The stand also has a single leg with sliding extension, for levelling on uneven terrain. It has a collapsible base, 2 levelling legs and 3 wind bracing eye rings. Each riser is spring cushioned as a safety feature to prevent equipment from a sudden drop. Features a combination head with 4 1/2" (11.4cm) Grip Head with 1/8"(28mm) stud and receiver.

— Maximum Height: 633 cm
— Minimum Height: 184.5 cm
— Closed Length: 188 cm
— Footprint: 196 cm
— Maximum payload: 40kg
— Fixed 4-1/2" Grip Head with 1/8" (28mm) Receiver
— Weight: 20.3kg
— Colour: Silver
— Suggested caster / wheels: KC-100

Product code KS600812

* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

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