Avenger H1200M Modular Scrim Frame - 12x12 ft (3.6m x 3.6m) or 8x8 or 6x6


The Avenger H1200M Modular overhead butterfly frame complete with mounting ears is a frame that is 12 x 12 ft/366 x 366 cm designed to work with various diffusion, reflecting and light shaping textiles. Heavy duty 3 mm square section tubes slot and pin-lock together providing a stable frame. The two Type 2 Rabbit Ears which are included allow for the frame to be attached to two grip heads, and the grip heads can be attached to a variety of stands.

The modular build provides extra flexibility by simply reducing or adding square tubes to create a butterfly frame that is perfect for the desired light control. Easily construct a 6 x 6', 8 x 8' or keep it as a 12 x 12'. Extra tubes are available separately and allow you to build up to 20' x 20' if desired.

Scrim frames and scrims have a wide variety of uses in photography and videography. Generally speaking, they assist with modifying various light sources - depending on the material used.

For up to 12x12' textiles and scrims.

Tube-slots and pin-lock design for easy set up and take down
• Assemble to 12'x12', 8'x8' or 6'x6' (add extra tubes for 20'x20')
• Made with HD 3mm square section tubes providing a stable frame
• Includes Type 2 (Rabbit) Ears (to be attached to Grip Heads)
• Modular design provides for easy set-up, take down and transport
• Weight: 19 kg

Frame only, stands and fabric not included.

Product code AVE-H1200M

* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

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