Profoto Soft Zoom Diffuser for Profoto Soft Zoom Reflector 180cm


The Profoto Soft Zoom Diffuser diffuses (softens) the light from the Profoto Soft Zoom Reflector.


• Diffuses light from the Profoto Soft Zoom Reflector 180, creating a softer, smoother quality of light
• Easy to attach
• Delivered in a soft pouch

Product code PRO-101712

Why buy Profoto from Specular?

Profoto Soft Zoom Diffuser 180

Diffuses light from the Soft Zoom Reflector

For soft, smooth light or as a neutral density filter when you’re working with low apertures or long exposures — the Soft Zoom Diffuser does it all. Made with durable, high-quality materials makes it a reliable tool that stands the test of time. Attach it easily to the Soft Zoom Reflector 180 to get a setup that infuses every vision with perfect light.

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