Profoto D2i Industrial 1000Ws Monolight


While the D2 was always a heavy-duty workhorse in the realm of flash heads, the D2i Industrial 1000Ws Monolight from Profoto is a beast of a lighting fixture that can withstand the rigours of literally shooting all day and all night. When the job calls for thousands of flashes, without the need for TTL, the D2i will fit your bill.

• Long life industrial design & quartz flash tube
• Internal self-diagnosis tool
• Powerful 1000Ws performance
• Short flash duration (1/50,000 sec)
• Up to 20 flashes per second
• Enterprise class warranty

Who is the Profoto D2i designed for?

Product code 08-901029

The D2i Industrial is constructed with carefully selected components at every critical stage, including its long-life quartz flash tube and upgraded internal circuit boards.

A lighting tool for heavy duty use in eCommerce and industrial environments, the D2i is exclusively available from Profoto dealers such as Specular who are currently equiped to support large scale commercial photography studios.

You can count on the performance features that we have come to expect from Profoto. The D2i recycles to full power in 1.2 seconds, almost half the time as the D1 1000, and in Freeze Mode, achieves flash durations as short as 1/50,000 of a second, outperforming most studio pack systems. That is good news for special effects photographers and sports shooters. It can also shoot bursts of 20 flashes per second, so you are sure to capture peak action or several versions of it. The 10-stop power range gives ample choices to achieve your objective. Ready Indicator, Mode and Sync, are easily selected through the Settings button. The display even flips around the way your iPhone does in case you are working with the head upside down or hanging it overhead.

Shoot all day and all night
The D2i Industrial is a beast of a lighting fixture that can withstand the rigors of literally shooting all day and all night. When the job calls for thousands of flashes, the D2i will fit your bill.

Long life industrial design
The D2i Industrial is fitted with long-life components in every critical part, including:
• Long-life quartz flash tube
• Upgraded internal circuit boards

D2i warranty
Profoto guarantees within 48 hours of the unit's arrival at the relevant service provider that they will either repair or replace the unit and ship it back to the customer in the same manner it was sent to them. This is for the entire 2-year period covered by the warranty.

When the unit is no longer in warranty, Profoto will continue the same 48-hour commitment for the life of the product. That means for non-warranty repairs Profoto will ship your repaired D2i to you within 48 hours of your approval of the estimate.

Catch the moment
The D2i can shoot up to 20 flashes per second. That is fast enough to catch the peak action of any moment. Ask your subject to jump, and you will have 20 mid-air exposures to choose from.

Freeze the moment
The D2i 1000 can provide super quick flash durations up to 1/50,000 of a second. Shoot a splash of water, and it will be frozen in mid-air.

Advanced firmware
The firmware is specially designed with an industrial feature set and adjusted parameters to prolong lifetime in mass photography production.

Overpower any light
The D2i packs enough punch to overpower the available light in almost any situation. Its power is also an advantage when shooting at longer distances or when using larger light shaping tools.

Power2 to 1000Ws
Flash Duration (t.5)1/50,000 to 1/1600 sec
Recycle Time0.03 to 1.2 sec
Colour temperature5600K
Reflector77° Fixed
Modelling Light300W Tungsten
Modelling Light ModesFree, Full, Proportional, Off
SyncCable, Infrared, Optical, Profoto Air (Radio)
Air Remote range300m
AC Input Voltage100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions18 x 13 x 31cm

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