Pro 101313


Profoto Clic Grid Kit for A Series Flash Heads (A1, A1X, A10, A2)


Compatible with all A-series flashes, the Clic Grid Kit can both control and reduce the light spread. With it, you can limit light spillage, create background effects, and focus the light exactly where you want it to be. The Clic Grid Kit is perfect for low-key images, accenting, and lens-flare effects. Bring it with you to any location, use it with any set-up, stack it over Clic Gels, and mount it instantly with Profoto’s magnetic mount design. Store it in the protective case and bring it with you easily!

• Compatible with Profoto A-series flashes (A1, A1X, A10, A2)
• Clic 10° and Clic 20°Grid included
• Comes with a protective case
• Magnetic Clic mount
• Stack over other Clic light shaping tools with a flat surface.

Product code PRO-101313

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