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Profoto Clic Color Correction Gel Kit for A Series Flash Heads (A1, A1X, A10, A2)


The Profoto Clic CTO (Color Temperature Orange) Kit is the kit you need to guarantee a balanced color temperature during mixed light conditions. See it as the middleman that easily balances out warm indoor lighting and golden hour with fabricated light. Attach them to all A-series flashes in an instant with the magnetic mount and stack them over Clic Gels for even more creative possibilities. Store it in the protective case to bring it with you easily.

The kit contains Full CTO, Half CTO and Quarter CTO, Quarter CTB and Half Plus Green.


  • Comes in a protective case
  • Compatible with all A-series flashes
  • The kit contains Full CTO, Half CTO and Quarter CTO, Quarter CTB and Half Plus Green
  • Instant mount with the magnetic click

Product code PRO-101316

Why buy Profoto from Specular?

Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images, and Profoto Clic light shaping tools provide many creative possibilities for the Profoto C1 Plus, A1X and A1. Each light shaping tool has its own distinct effect on light.

Clic Gels add beautiful colors to your images. Rose Pink, Peacock Blue, Yellow, Scarlett, Jade, Light Lavender, and Blue are designed for fun and creative color effects. Full CTO, Half CTO, Quarter CTO, Quarter CTB, and Half Plus Green are primarily created to naturally balance the created light with ambient light such as golden hour, blue hour or fluorescent lighting.

Clic Gels click on and off in no time with the lights’ magnetic mount. You can stack the gels together, so you can combine two colors into a third color, and you can stack them with other compatible light shaping tools, enabling limitless creative possibilities.


  • Play with colors
  • Easy click-on magnetic mount
  • Stackable with compatible light shaping tools

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