Profoto Bounce Card for A1, A1X and A10 Flash Heads


Similar to the Dome Diffuser, the Bounce Card for the A10, A1X and A1 on-camera flash allows you to bounce the flash and also direct some light on to the subject as fill. That will create a soft light with a more directional feeling.

The Bounce Card comes in a soft microfiber pouch and easily clicks on and off thanks to the smart magnetic mount, and it’s stackable so it can be used in combination with other A10, A1X and A1 Light Shaping Tools like gels, for example. All of which allow you to be more creative with light.

• Create a more directional look when using A10, A1X or A1 for bouncing.
• Easily clicks on and off the A10, A1X or A1's magnetic mount.
• Can be stacked with other A10, A1X or A1 modifiers.
• Lightweight and portable.
• Stored in a microfiber pouch.

Product code 08-101227

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