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Phase One

Phase One iXH Schneider-Kreuznach 120mm RS-iXG Flat Field Repro-optics Lens with Hood


The iXH and iXG Camera System utilises integrated flat field optics with the 72mm Mk II and 120mm Schneider Kreuznach lenses. This compatibility addresses the needs of flat copy work, particularly useful for libraries, archives, and universities. In combination with the digital lens profiles of Capture One CH, the lenses offer the highest quality in terms of resolution, flatness, sharpness, lack of distortion and color uniformity required for the most demanding reproduction applications.

21mm and 42mm extension tubes are available for close up capturing of film and small objects at higher resolution, and are designed and built with the same accuracy and quality as the camera body and lens.

> Filter size: 46mm
> Minimum focus distance: 67mm
> Magnification range: 1:6.9 to 1:.1.2 with extension tubes
> Image circle: 110mm

1 year or 1 million shutter activation warranty

Product code P1C-73153000

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