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Capture One CH is a special workflow application featuring exclusive tools expressly designed to aid museums, libraries, archives, and other institutions when digitizing a wide range of materials.

These exclusive tools have been designed to simplify and automate highly repetitive tasks, saving time and improving productivity.

The Cultural Heritage features are slightly different on the Mac and Windows:
• The Mac version includes all features except Slipstream
• The Windows version includes all features


- Cultural & Heritage Workspaces
- AutoCrop, Straighten & Auto Rotate
- Negative Film reproduction tools and styles
- Camera Focus with Auto Column PPI-Assist (when using iXH & iXG camera with AutoColumn)
- Capture Resolution Ruler
- Slipstream Capturing for non-trained Operators
- Barcode Scanner Tool
- Tools lock (for admins)
- Specialised ICC Profiles for Cultural Heritage
- Enhanced Colour Editor and Black & White Tools
- Capture One CH license (for up to 4 seats - Mac or Windows)

Product code 51-50500556

Capture One CH Software

Capture One CH is a professional Rapid Capture Solution dedicated to the Cultural Heritage community. Built on the renowned Capture One software, the Cultural Heritage edition offers a highly specialised feature set that delivers a significantly faster reprographic workflow during both capture and post-production.

The ever-evolving Capture One CH offers key features designed to increase productivity and efficiency when working with high-volume collections. With extra specialist tools and automation technology, the software expands on the admin and operator toolboxes to facilitate modern production needs and prevent bottlenecks commonly created in large-volume production.

The new Slipstream mode - a simplified user interface - enables less-skilled operators to handle the capturing, and it speeds up the workflow, especially when working on large collections and large volumes of documents that need digitisation.

Slipstream is a highly simplified capturing mode that opens up on top of Capture One CH and hides most of Capture One’s complexity. Slipstream runs on a Windows computer and is designed for touch screen operation.

Film Reproduction Mode
Capture One CH has a special Film Reproduction Mode in the Base Characteristics tool that handles the conversion of positive and negative black & white and color film as well as other transmissive materials.

In addition, Capture One CH also goes with a number of ICC input profiles specifically for Phase One digital backs and various light sources, particularly flash and tungsten. All recent digital backs have a profile specifically optimised for Flat Art Reproduction using flash. These are also available from the Base Characteristics tool.

The Film Reproduction Mode drop-down menu is used for the conversion of positive and negative black & white and color film as well as other transmissive materials. It applies automatic conversion adjustments and employs the appropriate film curve characteristics based on the selected ICC color profile prior to the user’s manual adjustments.

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