Nanlite AS-110X45 Asymmetrical Softbox (110x45cm)


The Nanlite Asymmetrical Stripbank Softbox with Bowens Mount (110x45 cm). Dramatically softens the output of a light source a unique feathered fall off in one direction due to its wedge shaped design.

Product code NAN-SB-AS-110X45

Control and Shape Light Designed to illuminate a "strip" of the subject while limiting light spill, this softbox also features an asymmetrical, wedge-shaped design that results in a pleasing, feathered light fall off to one side. It is uniquely suited to "talking head" interviews and portraiture work.

Great in Tight Spots The Nanlite Asymmetrical Stripbank Softbox's wedge shape also lends itself well to working in cramped locations where space is limited because it takes up less space than traditional softboxes.

Bowens Style Speed Ring Created to be compatible with Nanlite's Forza Series LEDs, the Asymmetrical Stripbank Softbox includes a Bowens Style Speed Ring. This near-universal light modifier mount expands compatibility to an extensive range of LED, strobe, and constant light sources.

Accepts Optional Fabric Grids For additional control of light spill and added directionality, an optional fabric grid can be mounted via touch-fasteners. The fabric grid narrows the beam angle to 50 degrees and concentrates the light's beam forward. Fabric Grid sold separately, SKU# EC-110X45

• Shape: Strip
• Interior Colour: Silver
• Number of Rods: 4
• Removable Front Diffusion: Yes
• Requires Speedring: Yes, Bowens Style Included
• Accepts Grids: Yes, Sold Seperately SKU# EC-110X45
• Dimensions: 40x45x110 cm
• Weight: 1.1 kg

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