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Lindy 3 Port FireWire 800 Repeater Hub


• For Leaf Aptus II and Phase One P & P+ series digital backs
• Includes power supply and 1m FireWire cable
• Connects to a FireWire 800 or 400 port on your PC or Mac
• Supports speeds of up to 800Mbps when connected between a dedicated FireWire 800 port on your computer and a FireWire 800 device
• Bus-powered or self-powered using the included power supply
• Allows devices to be hot-plugged and hot-swapped
• Can be daisy chained with additional hubs to connect up to 63 devices
• Built-in active repeater circuitry allows FireWire connection distances to be extended by up to 4.5m
• Supplied with a 1m FireWire 800 9 Pin Beta cable
• Compatible with all FireWire equipped PCs and Macs
• Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 15mm (WxDxH)

Product code LIN-32911

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