Lee Qlocp Quick Location Pack

LEE Filters

LEE Filters Quick Location Pack - 24 sheets (25 x 30cm)


Contains a selection of the most popular and functional location filters: CTO to convert daylight to tungsten; CTB to convert tungsten to daylight; effect filters to add colour to backgrounds and accent lights; and a selection of diffusions, scrims, and black foil to add texture and shape to the light source.

Contains two each of: 202 Half C.T. Blue, 201 Full C.T. Blue, 205 Half C.T. Orange, 204 Full C.T. Orange, 216 White Diffusion, 210 Neutral Density 0.6, and 250 Half White Diffusion.

Contains one each of: 187 Cosmetic Rouge, 188 Cosmetic Highlight, 738 JAS Green,106 Primary Red, 181 Congo Blue, 270 Scrim, 280 Black Foil, 720 Durham Daylight Frost, 775 Soft Amber Key 2, and 791 Moroccan Frost.

NB. Image is representation only, visit www.leefilters.com for up to date data sheets.

Product code LEE-QLOCP

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