Lee 216 Diffusion Roll Sheet

LEE Filters

LEE Filters 250 Half White Diffusion (0.75-stop) Roll (1.22m x 7.62m)


The LEE Filters 250 Half White Diffusion roll proves a 0.75 stop reduction in light transmission.

Diffusion rolls are commonly used in studio photography for creating smooth gradations of light for still life photography. A roll of LEE Diff is also very helpful in creating ad-hoc soft light sources when you only have hard lights at your disposal.

This roll is 1.2m wide and can be hung easily from a C-Stand boom arm, or cut down to whatever size you need.

NB. Image is representation only, visit www.leefilters.com for up to date data sheets.

Product code LEE-250R

* This is an oversize item and may incur additional freight fees

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