KUPO KS-359B Accessory Tray for Tethermate


The Kupo Tethermate Accessory Tray is another perfect storage solution that compliments the Tethermate Platform Series. Made of ABS plastic, it’s a rotating closed storage tray for pens, tape, paper clips, memo pads, elastic bands, etc. It's easy to mount under your Tethermate with the U-shaped adapter, freeing up workspace on your Tethermate.

Product code KG079811

  • A rotating closed storage tray makes it an ideal solution for pens, tap, paper clip and other items
  • Easily mounts under the Kupo Tethermate with the U-shaped adapter
  • Compliments other working from home solutions offered with the Kupo Tethermate accessories
  • Made with ABS plastic
  • An ideal storage solution for tools, pens, and any other accessories with easy access
  • Snug fit to the Kupo Tethermate with built-in sliding tracks
  • The cup holder allows extra space to a cluttered desk
  • Made of a lightweight aluminum

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