Kupo KGC-012R Junior C-Stand Grip Cart (up to 12 C-Stand Kits)


The KUPO KGC-012 Pro C-Stand Grip Cart holds up to 12 C-stand kits (stand, extension arm and grip head) for transport. This rugged steel cart makes the management of a bunch of C-Stands simple, whether in the studio, on location or in the warehouse. The cart features ergonomic handles and a pair of 10” pneumatic wheels for easy mobility even when fully loaded.

There are 3 welded baby pins for storage of extension arms or grip heads. It is supplied with a steel basket offering an extra space for storage of other grip accessories.

The compact design makes it safe and easy to pass through doorway.

The cart is compatible with most C-Stand regardless of brand

- Dimension: 77cm(L) x 60cm(W) x 142cm (H)

- Weight: 23kg

Product code KUP-KGC-012R

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