KUPO KCP-930P 3-Way Clamp (for 25mm to 35mm tube)


An ingenious, versatile three way clamp designed to attach to tubes (C-Stand Risers, Light Stand Columns etc.) with a diameter ranging from 25mm to 35mm. It features three recessed mounting locations which are compatible with the Kupo Baby Studs.

Payload: 30kg

Product code KG900412

Kupo's ingenious 3 Way Clamp highlights their drive to innovate and create. The 3 Way Clamp is a totally unique way of providing a portable mounting solution, which works in conjunction with Kupo's Baby Stud options. Simply open the clamp, attach to a light stand, Kupole, C Stand riser or umbrella shaft, tighten the locking screw, mount your studs and get shooting. The 3 Way Clamp from Kupo is rated to carry loads of up to 30kg, so you can mount multiple studio flashes, hot lights or Fresnel LEDs to provide a powerful single lighting source. Shoot through large scrims, into reflective umbrellas, or use your now 3 point light to maximise the ambient lighting.

The unique feature of the 3 Way Clamp from Kupo comes from the three recessed mounting locations set at 90 degree intervals to give you room to mount a series of different accessories. The clever spring locking system works in conjunction with the strong screw type-locking handle to quickly and securely clamp to any tubing from 25mm to 35mm in diamneter. This makes the 3 Way Clamp easily utilised throughout your entire light stand and c Stand kit, not just on Kupo products.

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