KUPO KCP-730B Super Claw (Clamp)


A very compact, versatile clamp with a 6kg payload. With industry standard 1/4" and 3/8" sockets, you can attach almost anything you can think of with the Kupo Super Claw.

Product code KG702811

Kupo's Super Claw is a lightweight, versatile mini clamp that can be used for all sorts of handy mounting applications. Whether you're out shooting video in the field, or shooting stills in the studio, this tiny clamp is a definite must for your kit. The Kupo Super Claw weighs only 130g but can support weights of up to 6kg!! The body of the Super Claw is tapped with two threaded holes, one in 1/4" female and one in 3/8" female. These are industry standard thread sizes across film, T.V. and photography, meaning you will be able to easily mount just about any accessory you can think of thanks to this little wonder.

The Super Claw's jaws are made from stainless steel and are lined with specially formulated pads that provide a vice like grip on round, and rectangular shapes. This means you can mount the Super Claw almost anywhere. Clamp it to tabletops, doorframes, tripod legs, light stands and heaps more. Use it to mount an audio field recorder on your video tripod, or to hold a grey card off the side of a light stand for photography, or anything else your imagination can come up with.

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