KUPO KCP-390 Off-Camera Flash Spring Clamp


Quick mounting steel clamp for off-camera flash (speedlights).

Product code KG302511

The Flash Alli Clamp from Kupo is the ideal tool for the mobile photographer who uses speedlights such as the Profoto A10. The Flash Alli Clamp gives you the flexibility to mount your speedlight quickly, securely and in almost any position. When time is of the essence, being able to arrive at a location, mount your flash and take the shot is what you want. The Alli Clamp gives you the ability to clamp to tabletops, doorframes, street signs, TV screens, cupboards, chairs or almost anything you can imagine.

The Flash Alli Clamp features a special ball-joint mount that allows for simple and quick adjustment to the angle of your light. The cold shoe mount on top of this ball joint is adjustable to ensure you can mount any brand or style of speedlight. The Alli Clamp can also be mounted to a light stand when you need to thanks to the 16mm receiver. The jaws of the Flash Alli Clamp feature rubber studs that protect the mounting surface and also ensure a tight hold. The Alli Clamp jaws can clamp on anything from 5mm to 40mm.

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