KUPO DF-500 Digi Fan Wind Machine


The DF-500 Is a powerful and versatile special wind machine designed for studios, theaters, theme parks, touring, photographic and more. It is suitable for wide range application including blowing haze, smoke, bubbles, confetti or snow, cooling performers, dimmer racks or amplifiers even drying paint in studio.

DF-500 can be controlled through standard DMX signal or master/slave operation through data link. Versatile yoke for overhead rigging, floor sitting or stand mounting. Housing is constructed from a molded lightweight plastic venting device with rugged tubular steel surrounded for transport and protection. The 11” one-piece blade and spiral front grill for creating narrow focus wind stream. Compact, lightweight and powerful.

Product code 154-DF-500


  • Power input: 100-240V AC, 1200W, Current Max. 10A.
  • Motor: 500W, Max. 3500RPM.
  • DMX mode: DMX on-off and volume control.
  • Memory: 9 mode memory setting available.
  • One touch turbo function: 0-3500RPM within 5 sec.
  • Air volume: 1700CBM / hr .
  • Wind speed: 60KM / hr .
  • Remote controller: Supplied w/3M cable.
  • Built-in master / slave control interface.
  • Dimension: 480 x 560 x 460 mm.
  • Weight: 12.5 kg.

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