KUPO 055 Handy Stand


The Kupo Compact 055 Handy Stand is perfect for the mobile photographer.

Its lightweight and compact design allows you to travel light, set up fast and get the job done. The Kupo 055 Compact Handy Stand will fold up to 49cm and weighs only 1.1kg, making it small enought to fit into your gear bag while still extending to over 2.2 meters high. Given its design, the Kupo 055 Compact Handy Stand is best used for supporting lightweight lighting such as speed lights or small constant lights like portable LED panels.

The solid, flat profile legs on the 055 Handy Stand allow you to gain maximum stability by positioning them almost compleatley flat against the ground (at right angles to the main shaft of the stand). This feature increases the footpront area of the stand and slightly lowers the centre of gravity, providing maximum stability, meaning there's less chance of tipping over.

Suited for portable lights such as the Profoto A10, A1X, A2, B10X/B10X Plus and more.


• Maximum height: 2.27m
• Minimum height: 0.48m
• Footprint Diameter: 1.02m
• Maximum payload: 2.5kg
• Pin: Fixed Stand Adapter: Baby 5/8" (16mm)
• Weight: 1.1kg

Product code KS041011

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